1st Look Exteriors

Posted on Feb 1, 2013 in SOQ Companies

1st Look Exteriors
94-422 Ukee Street, Suite 3
Waipahu, Hawaii  96797

Contact: Terri Lee, Owner
Phone: (808) 676-8988
Fax: (808) 748-0388
E-mail: info@1stlookexteriors.com
Website: www.1stlookexteriors.com

Designer Terri Lee has created a special form of Hawaii-based art: tropical and native fauna preserved in recycled copper and finished with a patina to highlight each piece. She has worked with Native Hawaiian and tropical fauna for the past 13 years and established herself as a leader in promoting the usage and cultural aspects of endemic, indigenous, Polynesian-introduced and tropical plants. 

“Since our products are not mass produced, each piece is gathered by hand and studied for unique characteristics that would make the piece interesting,” says husband Greg Lee, president of 1st Look Exteriors. “Our vast plant and art knowledge has helped create the unique quality that is found in our award-winning art and design work.”

1st Look Exteriors is a small family business that operates three-acres of farmland. Each plant — such as plumeria, hibiscus, kou, lauae fern, mao, etc. — is grown, handpicked and produced in Hawaii.

“We have been able to create a unique agricultural art product that preserves endemic, indigenous, Polynesian and tropical live plants and flowers found here in the islands. Each piece comes with a description of its uses in Hawaiian culture,” adds Greg.

“Terri just showcased her work in Los Angeles in the California Design Show in March 2008, which was received with success due to the nature of her work, which is ‘green’ as a sustainable product made from recycled or organic materials.”

To purchase these works of art, visit 1st Look Exteriors’ design showroom in Waipio Gentry.