Hawaii Nutrition Company

Posted on Feb 1, 2013 in SOQ Companies

Hawaii Nutrition Company
318 Kamani Street,

Honolulu, HI 96813

Contact: Monika Kathuria, Herbalist and President
Phone: (808) 988-1499
Fax: (808) 988-3499
E-mail: aloha@hawaiinutrition.com
Website: www.hawaiinutrition.com

Founded in 2002, Hawaii Nutrition Company is a tight-knit operation with three dedicated employees working at their office in Manoa valley, O’ahu. Hawaii Nutrition Co. is approved by the Hawaii “Seal of Quality” to sell Premium Gold Noni Juice and Hawaii Noni capsules as high-quality, made in Hawaii products.

Hawaii Nutrition Company products are unique for their innovative formulations featuring a spectrum of Hawaiian grown ingredients. While many ag related companies define themselves by one crop, HNC creates formulas that optimize the synergy between ingredients to achieve better results. For instance, research shows that when the herb Turmeric is combined with bromelain (pineapple enzyme) in certain ratios, the anti-inflammatory effects are multiplied. This is the basis for Hawaii Nutrition Co.’s “Hawaii-5 Detox” formula.

Monika Kathuria, President of Hawaii Nutrition Company explains what makes her products high quality, “I find inspiration in my own garden every day. I grow many of these medicinal plants in my garden and prepare them with my own hands. Even the fragrances like water lily, lemongrass and coconut are crafted out of my personal experience cultivating these plants. My ingredients are held to the highest standards of quality, yet the products are still accessible in price because our distribution is local and direct.”

HNC produces nutraceuticals and natural body care featuring Hawaiian sourced ingredients including noni, spirulina, turmeric, ginger, papaya, aloe vera, kukui and macadamia nut oils, coffee and the newest ingredient—deep sea water. Offerings include juice supplements and capsules, healing and anti-aging lotions, products for detoxification, inflammation and weight loss.

“Quality is the never-ending search for the purest botanical ingredients and the optimum methods of processing, blending and packaging them to deliver the best possible experience of using them. Quality means keeping the products 100% natural and fresh and our customers 110% happy.”

Monika also says, “It’s my passion and privilege to develop these quality made in Hawaii botanical products. It’s very gratifying to hear from people all over the world who tell me how my products make their lives better. That’s what ultimately keeps me going after 10 years of hard work!”

If you would like to buy Hawaii Nutrition Company products, they can be found at many convenience stores around Waikiki, natural and organic specialty retailers throughout Hawaii and, of course, at www.HawaiiNutrition.com.