Hawaiian Chip Co.

Posted on Feb 1, 2013 in SOQ Companies

Hawaiian Chip Co.
1928 Republican St. 

Honolulu, Hi 96817

Contact: James Chan, General Manager
Phone: (808) 845-9868
Fax: (808) 848-7848
E-mail: jchan808@gmail.com
Website: www.hawaiianchipcompany.com

Inspired by renowned chef and Food Network celebrity Emeril Lagasse, James “Jimmy” Chan, general manager of Hawaiian Chip Co., along with two friends, initially set out to serve gourmet sandwiches, with sweet potato chips as a unique side order. Instead, he now oversees the production of taro and sweet potato chips, which are lightly seasonedin a variety of flavors.

“These chips are a delicious celebration of the diversity found here in the Hawaiian Islands,” says Chan. “In a single bag, you can sample chips made from taro cultivated on Oahu’s North Shore, Big Island-grown sweet potato and tasty orange sweet potato found on Molokai.” Local produce, he says, is the key to the rich flavor of the chips.

Chan continues, “The Hawaiian Chip Co. hires great people to work with the freshest produce in order to serve up the best tasting taro and sweet potato chips in the world.” Founded in 2000, the company currently has five full-time and five part-time employees. “All awesome,” adds Chan.

Hawaiian Chip Co. products can be found in several specialty stores, such as Wholesale Unlimited and Menehune Mac; supermarkets, such as Times Super Market, KTA Superstores and Star Market; big-box stores, such as Costco and soon Target; and the in-flight snack cart on Hawaiian Airlines’ flights. The chips also can be ordered online at www.hawaiianchipcompany.com.