Kona Pacific Farmers Cooperative

Posted on Feb 1, 2013 in SOQ Companies

Kona Pacific Farmers Coop logo

Kona Pacific Farmers Cooperative
82-5810 Napoopoo Road
Captain Cook, Hawaii  96704

Contact: Sotero Agoot, General Manager
Phone: (808) 328-2411
Fax: (808) 328-2414
E-mail: info@kpfc.com

Kona Pacific Farmers Cooperative (KPFC) represents 100 farmers and processors on Hawaii island and offers products that has made the South Kona region famous: Kona coffee and macadamia nuts. These lands have been used for processing agricultural products over the past 100 years — first tobacco, then pineapple and currently Kona coffee. KPFC members own the land, the processing plant, the label and marketing, insuring continued quality. Much of the equipment that is currently used was invented and developed at KPFC.

“We are ‘Stubborn About Quality,” says Sotero Agoot, General Manager, delivering KPFC’s motto. “With over 150 years of growing history and 50 years as an agricultural cooperative — with generational farmers of up to four continuous generations — we, like the Kona nightingale, are ‘stubborn’ about maintaining the highest and best quality for our farmers and especially for our quintessential customers and consumers.”

KPFC’s line of products includes pure Kona coffee, pure Hawaiian coffee and raw, dry roasted and candied macadamia nuts. The coffee is graded and certified by the state ofHawai`i and specially roasted. It is available in whole bean or ground, small or large quantities.

Products can be purchased at KPFC’s visitor center or online at www.kpfc.com and www.localharvest.org. KPFC also offers free daily tours of its coffee operation as well as free product samples.