Emergency Loan Program

The Emergency Loan program may be activated by the Hawaii Board of Agriculture with approval from the Governor in response to periods of hardship that affect farmers.  More commonly, emergencies may be declared in the case of natural disasters such as high winds, heavy rains, drought but emergencies may also be declared in response to market disruption or other difficulties experienced by the farmers.

In the recent past, Emergency loan parameters were:

  • Maximum loan amount: $250,000
  • Interest rate: 3%
  • Loan requests of $75,000 or less do not require credit denials from other financial institutions, which would normally be required for agricultural loans.
  • Residency requirements have also been waived.

For those needing loans of $25,000 or less may apply for micro-loans which involve less paperwork and swifter processing.

For information on emergency loans, call the Agricultural Loan Division:

Oahu, Kauai, Maui County – 973-9460

Hilo – 933-9975

Kona – 323-7591