Happy Holidays at HDOA!!!

Posted on Dec 22, 2014 in Main

It was a time for merriment and good eats at the HDOA Holiday Luncheon on Dec. 17th in the courtyard of the main office complex on King St.

Oahu Aggies came together to celebrate the holiday season and to have some good fun. Bentos were ordered and an awesome dessert table with donated sweets filled the room. 

A Christmas ornament contest between Divisions was won by the Agribusiness Development Corp (ADC). A live snowman building contest displayed amazing Aggie talent with rolls of toilet paper, which provided lots of laughter for snowpeeps and the audience alike.  The winner was the Fiscal Office, mainly because they were the loudest! LOL

Mahalo to the holiday luncheon committee who planned the event, including coordinators Daryl Arai (Ag Loan), Michael Hornberger (ARMD) and Marci Okahara (ADD) and their colleagues who helped prepare the party!

Many thanks to those who donated the goodies for the awesome dessert table! Including Jan Ferrer (Ag Loan) whose sister-in-law also made the summer rolls, Gayle Nakamura (Chair’s) and Theresa Toyama (Pesticides).

Mahalo too to great photographers Hideki Yamane (ADD), Glenn Okamoto (ARM) and Earl Yamamoto (Chair’s Office) for capturing the festivities!