Approved Varietals

Picture of Hemp fields with text "Industrial Hemp Pilot Program"

Approved Varietals

HDOA makes no warranty as to the levels of delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol concentration produced by varietals on its list of approved varietals. Variables in genetics, climate, nutrients, photo period, stress, plant maturity, timing, and other factors can lead to cannabis plants testing higher than the legal threshold established for industrial hemp. In addition, presence of a seller on the list is not HDOA endorsement of that seller and should not be construed to imply anything about the business practices or legal status of the seller.


Updated 8/28/19

List of Approved Genetics:

  • From international sources
    • Puma $17-20/lb +shipping and fees
    • Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) Certified Seed
    • Association of Seed Certifying Agencies (AOSCA) Certified Seed


  • From HDOA Seed Development Program:
    • Otto 18 $30/oz
    • Ka’u 18x $30/oz
    • Ka’u 18xx $75/oz
    • Ka’u 18xxx $30/oz
    • Trinity 18 $75/0z.

Further information on the above available genetics

  • From interstate sources:
    • Auto Tsunami – Primordia LLC CA
    • BaOx- Centennial Seeds, CO
    • Berry Blossom – HGH Seed Inc., CO
    • Bubba Kush- TKO Holdings Inc., OR
    • Cherry Blossom – Eco-X Incorporated, CO
    • Cherry Blossom from Blue Forest Farm’s LLC in CO.
    • Cherry- System Processing LLC, CO
    • Cherry Wine- Future Farms Maine LLC, ME
    • Generic by Hemp Depot LLC in CO.
    • IVPrime90, Primordia, LLC, CA.
    • KLR-1 – KLR Farms LLC, OR
    • Merlot- HGH Seed Inc., CO
    • Lifter- Jack Hempicine LLC, OR
    • Suver Haze- Jack Hempicine LLC, OR
    • The Wife- RuBi Bio LLC, CO