Approved Varietals

Approved Varietals

List of Approved Genetics:

  • For Importation with HDOA’s assistance
    • Yuma $13-17/lb +shipping and fees
    • Puma $17-20/lb +shipping and fees
    • Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) Certified Seed
    • Association of Seed Certifying Agencies (AOSCA) Certified Seed
  • From HDOA Seed Development Program:
    • Otto 18 $30/oz
    • Ka’u 18x $30/oz
    • Ka’u 18xx $75/oz
    • Ka’u 18xxx $30/oz

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Information on Yuma:

  • Yuma is a fiber/grain varietal and should be grown outdoor in field. WARNING: a full flower test of Yuma grown in Hawaii in pots in a greenhouse with some supplemental lighting during the winter period resulted in a total THC level of 0.43%.  Tests of the genetic in outdoor grows in Malawi and NSW Australia seem to indicate that grown outdoor in field, Yuma should perform at around 0.2% total THC.
  • Physical characteristics: quick vertical growth, can get to be 10-15 feet in height.
  • Growth period: 120-180 days. Flowering period: 40-90 days.
  • Seeding rate:
    • 12 pounds per acre for seed production: this rate allows more branching.
    • 20 pounds per acre for dense fibrous growth.
  • Yield rate estimates for a seeding rate of 20 lbs/acre:*
    • Grain/seed: 1000-1700 lbs per acre
    • Dry biomass: 4.5-5.5 tons per acre.

* these yield rates are from experienced commercial grows in China, growing in Hawaii may result in very different yields.