Hemp Forms and Reports

Image of a Hemp field with words "Industrial Hemp Pilot Program"

Forms and Reports

HDOA is accepting applications for the Industrial Hemp Pilot Program based upon the 2014 Farm Bill.

PLEASE NOTE: If you applied now you would be applying to the Industrial Hemp Pilot Research Program based upon the 2014 Farm Bill.  The next license issuance period is September.  As of today any license issued would be valid for the remainder of the pilot program rather than a 2 year period.   There is currently legislation on the governor’s desk which would end the pilot program by October 31 of this year, and instead require prospective growers to apply directly to the United States Department of Agriculture for a license to grow hemp in the state.  All fees are non-refundable.

Application processing and licensing times will depend on the volume of applications HDOA receives.  Submission of an application does not guarantee that it will be processed before the closest license issuance period.