Licensees by County

Picture of Hemp fields with text "Industrial Hemp Pilot Program"

Licensees by County


In June 2018, the Hawaii Department of Agriculture issued the first licenses to growers under the Industrial Hemp Pilot Program. The program continues to review and issue licenses on a quarterly basis.

Name Island Contact & email
June 2018 Gail Baber Hawaii Island Gail Byrne Baber [email protected]
June 2018 Raymond Maki Kauai Raymond Maki [email protected]
June 2018 Thomas Pace Hawaii Island Hokukano Ranch [email protected]
Sept. 2018 Aina Hookupu O Kilauea Kauai Aina Hookupu O Kilauea [email protected]
Sept. 2018 Hi20 LLC Oahu Hi20 LLC-Rima Harr [email protected]
Sept. 2018 Lono Holdings Hawaii Island Lono Holdings LLC [email protected]
Sept. 2018 Omao Lands LLC Kauai Omao Ranchlands LLC [email protected]
Sept. 2018 Vespucci Collective Inc. Oahu Vespucci Collective Inc [email protected]
Dec. 2018 Ho`ola La`au LLC Kauai Ho’ola La’au LLC
[email protected]
Dec. 2018 Earth Matters Hawaii Island Earth Matters
[email protected]
March 2019 Imua Energy LLC Maui Imua Energy LLC
[email protected]
March 2019 Oahu CDP LLC Oahu CDP Oahu LLC
[email protected]
March 2019 Arcadia Biosciences Inc. Molokai Adolph Helm [email protected]
March 2019 Tropical Sunset Farms LLC Hawaii Island Tropical Sunset Farms LLC [email protected]
March 2019 Pan Pacific Ventures LP Maui Pan Pacific Ventures LP [email protected]
March 2019 Intellectual AG LLC Oahu Intellectual AG LLC [email protected]
March 2019 Malama Organics LLC Maui Malama Organics LLC [email protected]
June 2019 Pacific Gateway Center Oahu Pacific Gateway Center [email protected]
June 2019 Brittany Neal Hawaii Island Brittany Neal [email protected]
June 2019 Aloha Ola LLC Maui Aloha Ola LLC
[email protected]
June 2019 Solvate Services LLC Maui Solvate Services LLC [email protected]
June 2019 Martin M. Canning Hawaii Island Martin M. Canning [email protected]
June 2019 Ka`u Hemp Hawaii Island Ka’u Hemp
[email protected]
June 2019 South Maui Gardens Maui South Maui Gardens- RDAM LLC [email protected]
June 2019 Asante Gardens LLC Hawaii Island Asante Gardens LLC
[email protected]
June 2019 Aloha Hemp CBD LLP Hawaii Island Aloha Hemp CBD LLP [email protected]
June 2019 Island Hemp LLC Hawaii Island Island Hemp LLC
[email protected]
Sept 2019 Mauna Loa Farms LLC Hawaii Island Mauna Loa Farms LLC [email protected]
Sept 2019 New Pineapple Properties LTD Oahu New Pineapple Properties Lim [email protected]
Sept 2019 KHF Hemp LLC Molokai KHF Hemp LLC
[email protected]
Sept 2019 Kualapuu Hemp LLC Molokai Kualapuu Hemp LLC [email protected]
Sept 2019 Kulele LLC Oahu Kulele LLC
[email protected]
Sept 2019 Janine Holstein Maui Janine Holstein
[email protected]
Dec. 2019 J Hearl LLC Maui J. Hearl LLC
[email protected]
Dec. 2019 Aloha Green LLC Molokai Aloha Green LLC
[email protected]
Dec. 2019 Aloha Green LLC Molokai Aloha Green LLC
[email protected]
Dec. 2019 HI Koa Farms LLC  Oahu HI Koa Farms LLC [email protected]
March 2020 South Maui Gardens  Maui South Maui Gardens [email protected]
March 2020 Mauna Kea Trading Company LLC  Hawaii Island Mauna Kea Trading Company LLC [email protected]
March 2020 Maui Majesty LLC  Maui Maui Majesty LLC [email protected]
March 2020 Kapu Kine Farms LLP  Hawaii Island Kapu Kine Farms LLP [email protected]
June 2020 Aina Hawaiian Tropical  Farms LLC Hawaii Island Aina Hawaiian Tropical  Farms LLC [email protected]
June 2020 Mauna Kea Agribusiness  LLC Hawaii Island Mauna Kea Agribusiness LLC [email protected]
June 2020 Paumalu Hawaii LLC Oahu Paumalu Hawaii LLC [email protected]
June 2020 Medicine Woman Global LLC Kauai Medicine Woman Global LLC [email protected]
June 2020 No Ka Oi Organics Molokai No Ka Oi Organics [email protected]
June 2020 Loud Goat Farms LLC Kauai Loud Goat Farms LLC [email protected]




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