Do I make my own application, or will an official application be posted?

  • An official application will be released on this website when the program will begin, it will not be released before then.

Will the Hawaii Department of Agriculture provide hemp processing facilities or buy hemp from growers?

  • No.

Will I need a permit from HDOA if I want to process hemp?

  • No permit is necessary from HDOA, as HDOA regulates growth, not processing. Those who process hemp may, however, fall under the regulatory oversight of other state and/or federal agencies.

I have seed I want to bring in to grow in Hawaii if I get a license, can I?

  • Once the program begins, HDOA will make available to its licensees seed developed through its seed development program.  Licensees will not be able to bring in their own seed, nor will HDOA provide importation assistance for individual growers.

I have seed I am wondering if HDOA would be interested in buying

  • If a varietal from a legitimate company in a foreign country looks to be promising given Hawaii’s unique latitude and photo period, and can be further developed without IP or seed royalty restrictions, HDOA is willing to look into the varietal and the possibility of importing it for usage in its programs.