Current Beevents


  • Bekeeping classes in Hilo, March 7-16, 2017:   Hilo Bee Classes March 2017Hilo products of the Beehive class March 2017
  • American Foulbrood (AFB) was found on three Hawaiian Islands (Hawaii Island, Oahu, and Maui) in 2016 & 2017. A recent news release alerts local beekeepers of the dangers of this serious brood disease. More on AFB and how to monitor and deal with this bee disease, here.
  • New FDA Veterinary Feed Directive restricts use of antibiotics in beehives, starting in January 2017. Read more about this new FDA ruling here.
  • 2016-2017 USDA National Honey Bee Health Survey (NHBS). Participating beekeepers receive a thorough inspection of 8 colonies in their apiary, including pest, disease and virus testing – all free of charge! This is a great value for participants and contributes to bee health across Hawai`i and the whole country! If you have 8 or more colonies and would like to participate, please give Noe a call at 808-339-1977 or email at Please see FAQS page below for more detailed information about the NHBS.
  • Big Island Beekeepers Association (BIBA) is continuing its Apiary Days program to provide basic beekeeping info to new and experienced beekeepers alike.
    If you plan on going, please be at Komohana Ag complex on Komohana St. in Hilo by 10:00 a.m. Wear long pants, long sleeves (relatively thick jacket if possible), enclosed shoes and a hat with a brim, if you have one. Also, please bring tough gloves that extend up past the wrist.
    Check their website for the next date. Questions? Contact Erick Belcher, 935-3939.
  • June 20-26 is National Pollinator Week: Hawai`i has joined many other states in proclaiming pollinator week in an attempt to bring awareness to pollinator decline. This movement was initiated by Pollinator Partnership in 2007. You can see pictures of the Hawai`i signing ceremony in the Governor’s office here. (June 2102)

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