Traveling Interisland

The following information applies to all forms of interisland travel, including air and sea.  However, individual carriers may have different procedures and restrictions.  Please check with your carrier for any additional regulations on shipping plants and animals.

*IMPORTANT NOTE:  Due to reduction in staff and furloughs, some interisland ports will have reduced hours of inspection for plants and animals.  Please contact the appropriate inspection office ahead of time to confirm inspection hours and locations.


Inspections are required for potted plants and propagative plant parts (plant parts to be used for planting, such as stalks or cuttings) being transported from island to island within the State of Hawaii.  Plants must be inspected at the nearest Hawaii Department of Agriculture (HDOA) Plant Quarantine office prior to transport.   (See listing below)

PASSED” stickers are issued by inspectors at the Plant Quarantine offices and must accompany the plant at the time of boarding. Potted plants without “PASSED” stickers will be confiscated by the carrier.

Fruits, cut flowers and leis are NOT required to be inspected prior to shipping interisland, but may be subject to inspection by HDOA at any time.


Shipping requirements for animals vary from carrier to carrier so please check with your carrier for specific regulations.

Dogs and cats do not require inspection or for travel within the State of Hawaii.

For most interisland airlines: non-domestic animals (pet birds, mice & rats, guinea pigs, chinchillas) must also be inspected by Plant Quarantine inspectors prior to transporting from island to island with the required “PASSED” stickers.

Due to the presence of the varroa bee mite on Oahu, interisland transport of bees and used beekeeping equipment is prohibited.  For more information on varroa mites, click here.

For information on transporting livestock, see below.

Contact the following offices to make an appointment for inspection of allowed non-domestic animals and potted plants:


1849 Auiki Street
Honolulu, Hawaii 96819
Phone: (808) 832-0566               FAX: (808) 832-0584

Honolulu International Airport
Phone: (808) 837-8413               FAX: (808) 836-6380
Toll-Free Pest Hotline Number: 643-PEST (7378)


16E Lanikaula Street
Hilo, Hawaii 96720-4302
Phone: (808) 974-4141               FAX: (808) 974-4148

Keahole Airport, Kailua-Kona
Phone: (808) 326-1077               FAX: (808) 326-2126


635 Mua Street
Kahului, Hawaii  96732-2322
Phone: (808) 873-3556               FAX: 873-3586


4398A Pua Loke Street
Lihue, Hawaii 96766-5671
Phone: (808) 274-3071               FAX: 274-3067


Domestic animal livestock such as cattle, horses, donkeys, domestic swine (including Pot-belly pigs), goats and sheep and rabbits transported by any interisland carrier must be accompanied by an HDOA “Certificate of Ownership and Movement” (Form DC-44).

In addition, all swine for transport to Kauai requires pre-movement testing and a HDOA “Permit to Ship” (Form DC-8) issued by the State Veterinarian prior to shipment.  All black faced sheep and all sheep over 18 months of age, and all registered goats where the shipper and receiver are different persons shall require a HDOA “Permit to Ship” (FORM DC-8) issued by the State Veterinarian prior to shipment.  NO FERAL SWINE OR FERAL SWINE CROSSES ARE ALLOWED TO BE SHIPPED INTERISLAND. 

To obtain the forms/permits, contact HDOA’s Animal Industry Division on Oahu at (808) 483-7106 or FAX:  (808) 483-7110. Or, go to: