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Six-Foot Boa Constrictor Found in Palolo Neighborhood

STATE OF HAWAII DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE HONOLULU, HAWAII Date:       March 16, 2000, Thursday Time:       9:30 a.m. Location:  Conference Room                1428 S. King Street                Honolulu, Hawaii BOA Actions A. AGRICULTURAL LOAN DIVISION Approved 1. Request for Approval of One (1) Direct Operating Loan to Captain Cook Honey, Ltd. Approved 2. Request for Approval of One (1) Direct Real ...
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Facts About the Department of Agriculture's Plans at the Kailua Reservoir

Some Kona Residents Resisting State Efforts to Eradicate the Banana Bunchy Top Virus on the Big Island

Training Courses on Pesticides to be held for Healthcare Workers and Emergency Responders