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Date:       September 26, 2002 (Thursday) Time:       9:45 a.m. Location:  Komohana Research and Extension Service                Conference Room B                875 Komohana Street                Hilo, Hawaii A. AGRICULTURAL LOAN DIVISION 1. Request for Approval of One (1) Direct Real Estate Loan to Noel and Gemma Escobedo. ACTION: APPROVED 2. Request for Approval of Transfer of Revolving ...
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Hawaii Board of Agriculture Approves Emergency Rules on Importation of Birds to Hawaii Due to Threat of Introduction of the West Nile Virus

Hawaii Board of Agriculture Sends Proposed Changes in Animal Quarantine Rules to Public Hearings

Banana Bunchy Top Virus Found in Quarantine Area in Kona

Hawaii Department of Agriculture Imposes Embargo on Birds Shipped Through U.S. Mail