Beekeeper Registry Form

Hawai‘i Beekeeper Registry Form

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    Application for Voluntary Beekeeper Registration

    House Bill 866, relating to agriculture, was signed into law on July 8th, 2011, becoming Act 200. This law creates a voluntary beekeeper registration which will assist the Hawai‘i Department of Agriculture in compiling accurate information and offering services to the state’s beekeeping industry. No regulatory or fiscal actions are linked to this registry.

    Choosing to register will benefit beekeepers. Advantages of registry may include:

    􀀁 Technical services of State Entomologists.

    􀀁 Email notification of important issues concerning pests, disease, and hive health.
    􀀁 Promotion of the beekeeping industry by the Department using the data collected.

    Information will not be shared. Registration does not give Department/Program staff the right to access your property or your hives without your permission. The information you provide will be used only to support the industry and provide you services the Apiary Program can offer.

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