Hawai`i Apiary Program


Hawai‘i Apiary Program

The mission of Hawai‘i Apiary Program is to safeguard the beekeeping industries of Hawai‘i through the application of science-based regulations, regular monitoring and prevention of invasive honey bee pests, interactive educational opportunities, and open communication with beekeepers throughout the state.

Our program was officially established in 2011. Honey bees are not native to Hawai‘i, but they have been here for over 150 years, providing a variety of excellent honey and, most importantly, pollination for many plants. Local agriculture depends heavily on honey bee pollination. Beekeeping industries in Hawai‘i include honey production and queen bee rearing for export. For information on bio-security, honey bee health, and pollinator education statewide, contact HDOA at (808) 973-9538 (O`ahu).


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