Hawaii Seal of Quality Provides Brand Protection to Athena of Hawaii

November, 2012


Athena of Hawaii Plantation Athena of Hawaii Pack Shot Athena of Hawaii Logo


Located in an ideal coffee growing region in the shadow of the Mauna Loa volcano, Athena of Hawaii is a unique farm on the Hawaiian Kona coast.  Their coffee fruits are meticulously picked by hand ensuring the highest quality and peak ripeness.  Their growing methods utilize sustainable agricultural principles, meaning not to exhaust the soil, air, and water for future farming generations.

Joachim Oster, Owner for Athena of Hawaii describes their experience with Hawaii Seal of Quality: “Too many products use Hawaiian names without having ever touched our shores. The Hawaii Seal of Quality protects our good name and assists in making Hawaii agriculture prosper.”

Athena of Hawaii Coffee was founded in 2004 and is named after Joachim and Demetria’s daughter, who was raised on this genuine family farm.  They continue to take pride in what they farm and enjoy working in an environment that produces some of the best coffee in the world.  Athena of Hawaii retails their coffees solely on E-commerce websites. With the Hawaii Seal of Quality, buyers can be confident this product is a high-quality, grown in Hawaii treasure.


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For more information on the Hawaii Seals of Quality program, please contact 808-973-9595.