Transporting Livestock into Hawaii and Intra-State

Requirements for Importing Livestock to Hawaii

Select one of the following for more information and import requirements for a particular species:

Any exception to these requirements must have the prior approval of the Hawaii State Veterinarian or his approved staff veterinarian.

National database for Interstate Transport of Livestock:


Requirements for Intra-State Transport of Livestock

Movement of livestock within Hawaii utilizes two documents to aid in animal disease traceability.

The Certificate of Livestock Ownership/Movement (DC-44) is a form that accompanies all movements of livestock.  Established in 1986 to assist law enforcement with investigations of livestock rustling and is provided to an officer upon request.  (HRS 142-29).

  • Paper forms are still available by contacting the Animal Industry Division (contact info below). Paper forms must be returned to the Animal Industry Division.
  • Harvest plants will request a copy of the form when livestock are presented.
  • Inter-island transport companies, such as Young Bros. will request copies to accompany shipment.

The Permit to Ship (DC-8) is a form used specifically to permit movement of livestock or products that are quarantined due to significant animal disease.

  • This form is only available in hardcopy form and is obtained by contacting the Animal Industry Division (contact info below).
  • Owners are required to provide movement information and animal descriptions. The multi-carbon document is only valid when signed by a Veterinary Medical Officer and issued by the Animal Industry Division.
  • The requirement for obtaining a Permit to Ship is communicated to operations through a quarantine hold order.

For questions regarding intra-state movement of livestock contact the Animal Industry Division:


Transport Requirements for Intra-State Carriers (via Air and Sea)

New rules were established in December 2023 for the intra-state transport of livestock. For information on the responsibilities of air and sea carriers, go to:


For additional information:

During office hours, for livestock, semen and embryos, & non-domestic animals call (808) 483-7113.

For information on dogs and cats, go to:  rabies quarantine information.

For birds, poultry, rabbits and other pets call (808) 837-8092 or click here to email

For emergency provisions, after hours, or on weekends, call (808) 837-8092.

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