Administrative Rules

Administrative Rules establish the guidelines, limitations and parameters for specific types of actions within the context of the Hawaii Revised Statutes. The following is the Hawaii Department of Agriculture’s Administrative Rules. Some are unofficial copies which have compiled amendments into one document (read disclaimer). The official copy resides in the Office of the Lieutenant Governor.

Public hearings are held to inform the public on proposed rule changes. Click here for any current proposed rule changes.

Subtitle 1 – Administration
1Board of Agriculture
Rules of Practice and Procedure
Subtitle 2 – Agricultural Loan Division
8Agricultural Loan Program RulesAR-8.PDF
9The Aquaculture Loan ProgramAR-9.PDF
Subtitle 3 – Division of Animal Industry
16Cattle, Sheep, and GoatsAR-16.PDF
19Poultry and Birds – REPEALED (see chapter 28)
19Subchapter 6 – West Nile Virus – Import Requirements for Birds and Poultry – REPEALED (see chapter 28)
20Non-domestic AnimalsAR-20.PDF
20-1Interim Rule – Prohibits the Movement of Coffee Plants and Plant Parts due to Coffee Leaf RustInterim AR-20-1.PDF
21Vaccines, Microorganisms, and ParasitesAR-21.PDF
22Reporting of Animal Diseases, List of DiseasesAR-22.PDF
24Meat GradingAR-24.PDF
28Poultry and BirdsAR-28.PDF
29 Dogs, Cats, and Other Carnivores
Hospital Form.PDF, Notice of AT Insp.PDF
Subtitle 4 – Division of Marketing and Consumer Services
41Standards for Fresh Fruits and Vegetables, Listing by Fruits and VegetablesAR-41.PDF
42Standards for Hawaii-Grown Flowers and FoliageAR-42.PDF
43Standards for Coffee – REPEALED
see Subtitle 7-143 for new rules
44Standards for Processed ProductsAR-44.PDF
45Feed (addendums included)AR-45.PDF
46Standards for Shell EggsAR-46.PDF
48Rules and Regulating Dealer in Farm ProductsAR-48.PDF
54Industry and Product Promotion ProgramAR-54.PDF
60Milk Control Rules, AmendmentAR-60.PDF
Subtitle 6 – Division of Plant Industry
67Seed RulesAR-67.PDF
68Noxious Weed RulesAR-68.PDF
69APests for Control or EradicationAR-69A.PDF
70Plant and Non-Domestic Animal Quarantine
Plant Import Rules, Amendment
Amendment on Bromeliad Import

71Plant and Non-Domestic Animal Quarantine
Non-Domestic Animal Import Rules
List of Conditional Approved AnimalsAR-71C.PDF
List of Restricted Animals – For Research and ExhibitionAR-71RA.PDF
List of Restricted Animals – For Private and Commercial UseAR-71RB.PDF
List of Prohibited AnimalsAR-71P.PDF
71APlant and Non-Domestic Animal Quarantine
Microorganism Import Rules
List of Restricted Microorganisms Part AAR-71A-RA.PDF
List of Restricted Microorganisms Part BAR-71A-RB.PDF
List of Selected Human PathogensAR-71A-SP.PDF
List of Nonrestricted MicroorganismsAR-71A-N.PDF
72Plant and Non-Domestic Animal Quarantine
Plant Intrastate Rules – Amended
72-13Quarantine Restrictions on Ohia and soilAR-72-13.PDF
73Plant and Non-Domestic Animal Quarantine
Quarantine Plant Export Rules
Subtitle 7 – Division of Measurement Standards
86Brake Fluids, Coolants, Petroleum Products, and After-Market AdditivesAR-86.PDF
87Voluntary Registration of Service Persons or Service AgenciesAR-87.1PDF
91Unit Pricing of Consumer CommoditiesAR-91.PDF
93Packaging and LabelingAR-93.PDF
94Method of Sale of CommoditiesAR-94.PDF
96Schedule and Fees for Licensing Devices Susceptible of Commerical Usage, and Measuring Devices and Measurement Standards for Testing or CertificationAR-96.1PDF
101Weighing and Measuring DevicesAR-101.PDF
Subtitle 7 – Quality Assurance Division
135Seals of QualityAR-135.PDF
138Hawaii-Grown Cacao & Chocolate ProductsAR-138.PDF
143Standards for CoffeeAR-143.PDF
161Hemp Production Interim RulesAR-161-2020.PDF
162Food Safety Certification Costs Grant ProgramAR-162.PDF
Subtitle 8 – Division of Agricultural Resource Management
150Rules Governing Irrigation Water Service to Consumers of the Waimanalo Irrigation System – REPEALED (see Chapter 157)AR-150.PDF
151Rules Governing Irrigation Water Service to Consumers of the Waimea Irrigation System – REPEALED (see Chapter 157)AR-151.PDF
152Rules Governing Irrigation Water Service to Consumers of the Molokai Irrigation System – REPEALED (see Chapter 157)AR-152.PDF
153Agricultural Park Program RulesAR-153.PDF
154Rules Governing Irrigation Water Service to Consumers of the Kekaha Agricultural Park Irrigation System – REPEALED
155Rules Governing Irrigation Water Service to Consumers of the Kahuku Agricultural Park Irrigation System – REPEALED (see Chapter 157)AR-155.PDF
156Rules Governing Irrigation Water Service to Consumers of the Honokaa-Paauilo Irrigation System – REPEALED (see Chapter 157)AR-157.PDF
157Rules Governing Irrigation Water Service to Consumers of Hawaii State Department of Agriculture Irrigation SystemsAR-157.PDF
158Non-Agricultural Park Lands Program RulesAR-158.PDF
Subtitle 9 – Aquaculture Development Program
170Aquaculture Development Special FundAR-170.PDF

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