Frequently Asked Questions

The following are the most common questions directed to the department.


How do I move my dog/cat to Hawaii?

Information on Hawaii’s rabies quarantine rules may be found at: Animal Quarantine Information

I am taking a trip and would like to know what food and plants I can take to and from Hawaii?

Travel information may be found at:  Travel and Shipping Information

How do I report a possible invasive pest or illegal animal

To report a pest, call the State’s Toll-Free Pest Hotline at:  643-PEST(7378)

After hours, call Honolulu at (808) 837-8092.

Is there a listing of farmers’ markets?

The most current list of farmers’ markets statewide may be found at: Farmers’ Market Listing

How can I find Hawaii farmers, growers, manufacturers and products?

Check out the Hawaii Agriculture & Food Products Directory at:

How can I lease state agricultural land?

There are two divisions within HDOA that lease agricultural lands.

How can I find information on the state’s irrigation systems?

There are two divisions within HDOA that manage irrigation systems in state.

How can I find out about animal diseases in Hawaii?

Go to:  Animal Disease Control Branch

What branch handles questions about weights and measures, accuracy of scales and gas pumps, taxi meter inspections, etc.?

Go to: Measurement Standards Branch

Who do I contact with questions about pesticides?

Go to: Pesticides Branch

Which plant species are designated as Noxious Weeds by HDOA?

Chapter 4-68 HAR contains the list of HDOA’s noxious weeds.

Do fertilizers require licensing/registration in Hawaii?

If the fertilizer contains a pesticide (including organic pesticides), it must be registered with the Pesticides Branch. Phone: (808) 973-9402. Information on pesticide registration.

If the fertilizer contains microorganisms, an import permit from the Plant Quarantine Branch is required. Phone: (808) 832-0566.  E-mail:  hdoa.pqmicro@hawaii,gov
More information about microorganisms 

The product label must comply with state packaging and labeling requirements. Compliance information from the Measurement Standards Branch. Phone: (808)832-0690. E-mail: [email protected]