Frequently Asked Questions

The following are the most common questions directed to the department.


How do I move my dog/cat to Hawaii?

Information on Hawaii’s rabies quarantine rules may be found at: Animal Quarantine Information

I am taking a trip and would like to know what food and plants I can take to and from Hawaii?

Travel information may be found at:  Travel and Shipping Information

How do I report a possible invasive pest or illegal animal

To report a pest, call the State’s Toll-Free Pest Hotline at:  643-PEST(7378)

After hours, call Honolulu at (808) 837-8092.

Is there a listing of farmers’ markets?

The most current list of farmers’ markets statewide may be found at: Farmers’ Market Listing

How can I find Hawaii farmers, growers, manufacturers and products?

Check out the Hawaii Agriculture & Food Products Directory at:

How can I lease state agricultural land?

There are two divisions within HDOA that lease agricultural lands.

How can I find information on the state’s irrigation systems?

There are two divisions within HDOA that manage irrigation systems in state.

    • The Agricultural Resource Management Division manages systems on Oahu, Hawaii Island and Molokai.  For more information on their irrigation systems, click here.
    • The Agribusiness Development Corporation, an attached agency to HDOA’s Office of the Chairperson, also manages irrigation system on Oahu and Kauai.  For more information on their services, click here.

How can I find out about animal diseases in Hawaii?

Go to:  Animal Disease Control Branch

What branch handles questions about weights and measures, accuracy of scales and gas pumps, taxi meter inspections, etc.?

Go to: Measurement Standards Branch

Who do I contact with questions about pesticides?

Go to: Pesticides Branch

Which plant species are designated as Noxious Weeds by HDOA?

Chapter 4-68 HAR contains the list of HDOA’s noxious weeds. You may find the list here

Do fertilizers require licensing/registration in Hawaii?

If the fertilizer contains a pesticide (including organic pesticides), it must be registered with the Pesticides Branch. Phone: (808) 973-9402. For more information on pesticide registration, click here.

If the fertilizer contains microorganisms, an import permit from the Plant Quarantine Branch is required. Phone: (808) 832-0566.  E-mail:  hdoa.pqmicro@hawaii,gov
For more information, click here.

The product label must comply with state packaging and labeling requirements. For compliance information from the Measurement Standards Branch, click here. Phone: (808)832-0690. E-mail: