Standards and Trade Practices Enforcement

Wherever purchases of goods or services are made based on a measurement process or quality standards enforced by the branch, you can be sure that an inspector from the Standard and Trade Practices Enforcement Section has been there before you. The inspectors are the front line people who actually go out into the field to conduct the tests that determine whether the commercial measuring devices, packaged goods, labeling, or pricing are in compliance with the law.

The inspectors are responsible for enforcing the laws regarding commercial measuring devices such as scales, taximeters, odometers and gas pumps. Look for the Branch’s seal of approval on these devices the next time they are used to determine how much you will pay. This seal affirms that the device meets all the requirements of the law. If the device has no seal of approval, then it is being used illegally. In this case, or in any situation when you feel that a commercial measuring device is performing or being used incorrectly, a complaint can be registered with the Branch.

A complaint can also be registered if you feel that a packaged good does not contain the amount of product that it should, that a label misrepresents the product or that the price you were charged for an item was not what was advertised or posted on the shelf.

To register a complaint with the Hawaii Department of Agriculture’s Measurement Standards Branch, you can call (808) 832-0690 or send your complaint to 1851 Auiki Street, Honolulu, HI, 96819.


General Labeling Guidelines