Aquaculture and Livestock Support Services Branch

Hawai`i is an ideal location for aquaculture, the farming of plants and animals in water. From lush green mountains to sandy shores along the ocean, water abounds throughout Hawai`i, providing a myriad of environments for raising seafood. Shrimp, abalone, seaweed, microalgae, tilapia, and various organisms for the aquarium trade are raised here.

The Aquaculture and Livestock Support Services (ALSS), a branch of the Animal Industry Division, generates diversified agriculture solutions for moving Hawai`i towards greater food self-sufficiency, and fosters viable export industries.

ALSS provides a broad range of support to new and existing aquaculture and livestock businesses through planning and coordination, business counseling, and information dissemination efforts. ALSS offers assistance in:

  •       Starting a new business in Hawai`i;
  •       Introducing best management practices and new technologies;
  •       Providing direct assistance with regulations and disease prevention;
  •       Assisting market development at home and abroad;
  •       Facilitating expansion of offshore aquaculture development on species, systems, and potential leases;
  •       Helping to secure resources such as leaseholds, water, and processing facilities required to maintain and promote the local production of aquaculture and livestock.

Hawai`i is moving towards greater food self-sufficiency. Many new and exciting opportunities are emerging. In the following pages, you will learn more about our industries and how you can take advantage of these opportunities.

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Improving the Aquaculture Development Program (ADP) Strategic Plan for Hawaii

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