Food Wholesalers and Aquaponic Farms in Hawaii

Food wholesalers, brokers and distributors in Hawaii play a vital role in helping farmers sell their products to supermarkets, foodservice, hotels and restaurants. They can also work as advisors to farmers on what products are in demand. A sound business relationship with wholesalers/brokers is important if a farmer wants to increase sales quickly and requires assistance with delivery.

The following contains an alphabetical listing of food wholesalers and food distributors in Hawaii. Most wholesalers may provide assistance with marketing and work as distributors to deliver products. Food brokers may assist farmers in marketing their products. A company focusing on distribution alone may not do promotions for farmers’ products or only to a certain degree.

This list will be updated with new information as it becomes available. If you are a food wholesaler/broker and want to be added to the list, please contact Liz Xu at [email protected].



Armstrong Produce Limited


A three-generation business, Armstrong is the largest wholesale produce company in the state. It has three operations: Armstrong Honolulu, Armstrong Kona and Kula Produce on Maui. Contact Buyer Wendi Akiyama at 808.203.6245 or [email protected].

C & S Wholesale Grocers Inc.


C&S Wholesale Grocers is the lead supply chain company in the food industry today – and the largest wholesale grocery supply company in the U.S. They supply independent supermarkets, chain stores and institutions with over 95,000 different products. The company owns Hansen Distribution Group. Contact Beau Oshiro, Vice President – Hawaii, at 808.682.3308 or [email protected].

D. Otani Produce, Inc.


D Otani is a third-generation company. It not only distributes on Oahu, but also supplies clients on Maui, Hawaii Island, Molokai and Lanai. The company does business with hotels, restaurants and institutions. The phone number is 808.832.9600.

Diamond Head Seafood Wholesale, Inc.


Diamond Head Seafood specializes in importing and exporting quality fresh and frozen seafood on a global scale. It services a range of customers through local supermarkets, foodservice accounts and restaurants, as well as serving military services. Contact General Manager Gary Ishimoto at 832-9500 or [email protected].



Farm Link Hawai’i is an online marketplace and aggregation and distribution service connecting grocers, restaurants, and caterers across O’ahu with fresh fruit, vegetables, meats, fish, and selected value-added products. Farm Link Hawai’i sources exclusively from a growing network of organic and responsible growers, fishers, and ranchers across the island. Buyers order entirely online and source from dozens of local farms in just a few clicks.

Contact Market Manager Hunter Heaivilin at 808.391.8687 or [email protected].

Fresh Island Fish


Since 1977, Fresh Island Fish has grown to be one of Hawaii’s largest wholesale fish distributors. It has four FDA approved HACCP distribution facilities on the islands of Oahu, Maui, Kauai and Hawaii Island. Besides servicing Hawaii, the company is also a leading seafood supplier to the Pacific Rim. Contact Purchasing Manager Kazu Inakoshi at 808.831.4911 or [email protected].

Garden & Valley Isle Seafood


Garden Valley & Isle Seafood is a Honolulu-based exporter and importer of seafood of the pacific. The company ships products to the U.S. mainland and ships globally. Please contact Sales Manager Terence Songsong at 808.524.4847 ext. 232 or [email protected]. Contact Sales and Operations VP Scott Ballentyne at [email protected].

Ham Produce & Seafood Inc.


HAM has the ability to service both fresh produce and fresh seafood. It has a wide range of customers including restaurants, care facilities, hotel institutions, and retail supermarkets. Contact Bobby Phu at 808.842.7171 or [email protected].

Hansen Distribution Group


Hansen Distribution Group is a wholly-owned subsidiary of C & S Wholesale Grocers and operates locally as a broadline distributor. It provides services to a wide selection of restaurants, schools, hotels, and more. Its products range from dry, refrigerated and frozen goods. Contact VP Food Service Sales John Howard at 808.454.4465 or [email protected].

Hawaii International Seafood, Inc.


Hawaii International Seafood is an innovative seafood company in Hawaii, supplying both fresh and frozen seafood worldwide.  Its President Bill Kowalski invented a revolutionary process that utilizes all-natural tasteless wood smoke to preserve the fresh-like flavor and color of seafood that is frozen and later defrosted, which extends seafood’s shelf life and keeps its fresh visual appeal. Contact Bill Kowalski at 808.285.2746 or [email protected].

HFM Foodservice


HFM is a wholesale foodservice distributor in Hawaii and the Pacific region. The company provides groceries and supplies for foodservice operators across the Hawaiian Islands, Marshall/Marianas, and Guam. Contact Category Manager Adell Flourry at 808.843.3278 or [email protected].

Hilo Fish Company, Inc.


Hilo Fish Company is an importer and processor of fresh and frozen seafood in the U.S. It sources from over 20 coastal regions and services a wide range of clientele including restaurants, regional grocery chains, the national broadline food distributors and other various sized businesses involved with food. Contact Purchasing Manager Sabrina Vaughn at 808.960.6371 or [email protected].

Kulahaven Farms

Contact: John Dobovan, 808.955.0955, [email protected]

Organically certified baby watercress
Fresh rainbow trout
Smoked rainbow trout

Manson Products Co., Inc.


Manson Products is a distributor of a full line of mainland and island fresh fruits and vegetables.  The company has over 30 years of experience and currently service local restaurants, national chain restaurants, hotels, schools, hospitals, and institutions state wide.  Contact President Allen Woo at 808-306-7713 or [email protected].

Maui Seafoods LLC


Maui Seafoods specializes in sashimi-quality Hawaiian tuna, Hawaiian premium bottomfish snapper, and sustainable seafood. Contact Diana Yang at 808.298.3905 or [email protected].

Norpac Fisheries Export

Norpac does business in Hawaii and in the Pacific Northwest from the Oregon Coast up into Alaska in the US mainland. It also has operations in Asia including China and owns fleet in the Western Pacific. Contact General Manager Scott Fraser at 808.842.3474 or [email protected].

Tropic Fish Hawaii LLC


Tropic Fish sells locally to restaurants, hotels, institutions, airlines, and supermarkets. The company also exports seafood to restaurants, hotels, supermarkets, and other wholesalers and distributors around the world. The company has three locations: Oahu, Maui and Kauai. It is one of six companies under CMU & Associates. Contact President Shawn Tanoue at 808.591.2936 or [email protected].

True Worlds Foods Inc. of Hawaii


True World Foods is a wholesale distributor of fresh and frozen seafood and specialty grocery items in North America with over 20 branches in mainland and one in Hawaii. The company also has offices in Japan, Korea, Canada, Spain and the U.K. Contact Kelii at 808.836.3222 or [email protected].

U. Okada and Company, Ltd.


U. Okada is a fish and seafood wholesale distributor in Hawaii. The company was founded in 1911 and is a third generation, family-run business. Contact Dexter Okada at 808.597.1102 or [email protected].

Wing Sing Seafood Inc.


Wing Sing Seafood is located on Oahu. Contact Don at 808.847.2580.

Y. Fukunaga Products Ltd.


Y. Fukunaga wholesales fruits and vegetables to restaurants and hotel. It has been in business for over 70 years. Contact Karen Wakuzawa at 808.841.1555 or [email protected].

Y. Hata & Co. Ltd.


Y. Hata is a broadline foodservice distributor since 1903. The company’s wholesale club, ChefZone, will open in Fall 2014.  It is designed to be a one-stop cash & carry store to reduce the number of supply stops for commercial foodservice businesses and organizations. Contact 808.447.4321.



Below is info about two food brokers in Hawaii. For more food broker information, please search “food brokers Hawaii” on

L.H. Gamble

Phone: 808.735.8199

Rainbow Sales and Marketing
Phone: 808.487.6455




The following list is in alphabetical order. The products of each farm and the contact person’s information are included.


Contact: Ame Masutomi, [email protected]

Curly winter kale, bull’s blood beets, chiogga beets, micro greens and green onions

 Hapa Farms

Contact: Reyn Horner, 808.208.0939, [email protected]
Disease free tilapia hatchery
Aquaponics consulting and training


Ili’ili Farms
Contact: Dan Ching, 808.478.0245, [email protected]

Organic Baby Pak Choy
Organic Shanghai Pak Choi
Organic Green Onion
Organic Watercress
Organic Cilantro
Organic Manoa Lettuce
Organic Baby Romaine Lettuce

Kunia Country Farms
Contact: Jason Brand, [email protected]

Kunia Country Farms is one of the largest aquaponic farms in Hawaii. They focus on hand harvested, fresh heads of lettuce varieties, including Manoa, butter, romaine, oakleaf, and loose leaf. They also specialize in salad mixes and micro greens.

Mari’s Gardens

Contact: Fred Lau, [email protected]

Tilapia, swai
Lettuce: Red lollo, Green Lollo, Butterhead – Dancine and Rex, Manoa,  and Baby lettuce mix
Tomato –heirloom “Muskovich”, assorted cherry
Japanese cucumber
Beets: red baby beet, bull’s blood, Chioggia
Radish: watermelon radish, pink radish
Okinawan spinach
Arugula: regular salad arugula, wild arugula
Kale: baby red Russian kale, toscan kale, vates blue kale
Green onion
Swiss Chard: rainbow mix
Eggplant: Waimanalo long
Watercress: upland and baby watercress

Nalolicious Farms
Contact: Elko Evans, 808.630.3810, [email protected]

Gourmet micro greens
Sunflower sprouts
Anuenue lettuce
Red butter lettuce
Cherokee res
Baby greens
Chinese catfish

Olomana Gardens
Contact:  Glenn Martinez, [email protected]


Tilapia: various sizes
Aquaponics training

Olakai Hawaii
Contact: Dr. Wenhao Sun, 808.779.2885, [email protected]

Fresh Kahuku Sea Asparagus
Kahuku Ogo, Robusta Ogo, Pickled Ogo.
Olakai Hawaii Sea Asparagus condiments
Ocean Pesto
Sausa Verde
Sea Asparagus Salad Dressing
Pickled Sea Asparagus
Sea Asparagus Powder
Sea Asparagus Tea