Plant Industry Division

Promotes expansion of Hawaii’s agriculture by overcoming quarantine restrictions, as well as preventing the entry and establishment of detrimental animals, insects, weeds, plant diseases, and other pests.

When most people think of Hawaii, visions of beautiful tropical flowers and foliage often come to mind. The programs of the Hawaii Department of Agriculture’s Plant Industry Division are designed to protect Hawaii’s agricultural industries, natural resources, and the public from the entry and establishment of detrimental plants, animals, insects, weeds, and other pests; and to assure the safe and efficient use of pesticides in Hawaii.

This division plays an important role in monitoring cargo and passengers at all ports of entry for the illegal importation of potentially harmful pests. They also help local farmers export horticultural materials through their plant nursery inspection program; help control and eradicate insects and diseases through biological, chemical or mechanical means; and provide seed analyses and certification services for nursery plants. The division certifies pesticide applicators, licenses pesticide products for sale and distribution in Hawaii, and monitors use of all pesticides and sales of restricted-use pesticides.

This division consists of the following branches:


Compost Reimbursement Program – Fiscal Year 2024

The Hawai’i Department of Agriculture (HDOA) Plant Industry Division is accepting applications for the Compost Reimbursement Program for Fiscal Year 2024, which may reimburse agricultural producers (including farming and landscaping operations) for the cost of purchasing compost, including transportation costs. For more information, go to:’