Hawai`i Apiary Program

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Hawai‘i Apiary Program


The Hawai‘i Department of Agriculture (HDOA) Apiary Program is dedicated to protecting the beekeeping industries in Hawai‘i by implementing science-based regulations, conducting regular monitoring, preventing the spread of invasive honey bee pests, offering interactive educational opportunities, and maintaining open communication with beekeepers across the state.   

The program was established in 2011, and although honey bees are not native to Hawai‘i, they have been present for over 150 years, providing exceptional honey and playing a crucial role in pollinating many plants that support local agriculture.

The beekeeping industries in Hawai‘i include queen bee rearing for domestic and international export, honey production, and producing an array of value-added products from the hive. If you need information on biosecurity, becoming a queen breeder, honey bee health, or honey bee swarms, please contact the HDOA Apiary Program at (808) 974-4138 (located on Hawaiʻi Island).


The HDOA Apiary Program activities throughout the state:

– Monitor traps near state entry points to prevent the arrival of invasive pests and diseases of honey bees. Our goal is to maintain biosecurity and environmental safety.
– Conduct quarterly inspections of all queen breeders in Hawaiʻi to ensure they possess the necessary shipment certificates for exporting queen bees without any diseases. This is done to maintain the health and well-being of our bee population.
– Offer free technical assistance to beekeepers to support them in maintaining the health and vitality of their colonies.
– Assist residents who need help with honey bee swarms and hive relocation in Hawaiʻi.
– Vigilantly monitor any suspicious or illegal activities related to bringing honey bees, queen bees, or used equipment into Hawaiʻi. Illegal importation of honey bees, queen bees, or used bee equipment into Hawaiʻi can result in a class C felony and penalties up to $200,000 [150A-14(C)].


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Contact the HDOA Apiary Program at (808) 974-4138
email: [email protected]



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