LFA Update at Mililani Meeting – Oct. 13, 2014

Hawaii Department  of Agriculture personnel reported that there has been good progress in the treatment of the residential area in Mililani Mauka that is infested with LFA.  

So far, crews have completed two rounds of treatment using the pesticide, Tango (in tall trees), and ant baits, Siesta and Probait (on the ground),  in the 6-acre area, which includes a buffer zone.

Surveys indicate that the LFA population has been significantly reduced to the point where LFA is not being detected along the borders of the treatment zone.

After the second treatment, residents in the treatment zone were asked to survey their yards for LFA and about half of the residents did so. Of those samples, all of the samples were negative for LFA.

Six more treatments are scheduled for the area with the last one scheduled for May 2015. Spot surveys will continue to check for LFA populations.

HDOA would like to recognized the Hawaii Ant Lab, Dr. Cas Vanderwoude and his staff, and assistance from the Oahu Infasive Species Committee crews.  Also, Mahalo to the residents, the Mililani Town Association and the property owners who have made special accommodations to allow us to conduct our surveys and treatments.

The public should report concerns of LFA infestation to the state’s pest hotline at 643-PEST (7378).