Sale of Restricted Use Pesticides to Unlicensed Pest Control Companies

Dealers of Sulfuryl Fluoride, Chloropicrin, Avitrol (R), and Other Restricted Use Pesticides (RUPs) for Structural Pest Control Uses.

During the 2007 legislative session, Act 71 was passed, which prohibits the sale of restricted use pesticides to Pest Control Operators (structural) unless that person holds or is employed by a company with a valid pest control (business) license.

Hawaii Pesticides Law, Chapter 149A section 149A-11(b)(7) states that it shall be unlawful for any pesticide dealer to expose to, offer for sale to, or solicit or receive orders for the sale of restricted use pesticides to any pest control operator or to an employee of the pest control operator acting on the pest control operator’s behalf without satisfactory proof that the pest control operator holds, or has held within the previous one hundred twenty days, a pest control license and, when applicable, without satisfactory proof that the employee is employed by the pest control operator.

To assist dealers, the Pesticide Branch posts monthly updates of certified applicators currently on file as being employed by a pest control company whose pest control license has been forfeited for more than 120 days.  Certification cards of the listed applicators will have been expired in the pesticide applicator database and will remain expired until the pest control licensed is restored by the Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs (DCCA).

To minimize unauthorized sales, dealers must verify that purchasers possess a valid commercial applicator certification card issued by the Department of Agriculture at each purchase.   (Active or unexpired cards reflecting unlicensed companies or names of a previous employer are considered invalid.)  Dealers must first check the Pesticides branch website then verify the status of any listed pest control company by checking the DCCA, Professional and Vocational Licensing (PVL) Division website at:

If the PVL search shows that a listed pest control company is now in compliance, the Pesticides branch must be notified so that the applicator’s certification card(s) can be re-activated.

RUP dealers must also be aware of purchases that do not follow the normal purchasing patterns of the pest control company.  This includes purchases with cash, personal check or personal credit card.   In these cases, in addition to verification of the company license, it would be prudent to verify that the person is still employed by the company identified on the certification card.

If there are any questions related to an applicator’s certification card, please contact the Pesticides Branch, Certification/Education Section in your district.

For questions related to the licensing status of a particular company, please contact the Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs, Pest Control Board at (808) 586-2705.

List of Unlicensed Pest Control Companies (updated 7/24/20)