Restricted Use Pesticides (RUP) Sales

March 9, 2016

Act 105, passed during the 2013 legislative session, requires HDOA to post a monthly summary of Restricted Use Pesticides (RUP) sold in the State of Hawaii. This list only reports the total quantity of RUPs sold by month by County in pounds of active ingredient.

There has been a delay in the posting as legal issues are still being resolved regarding the release of confidential business information and personal information. HDOA will continue to post additional RUP sales information as these legal issues are resolved.

This report excludes RUP sales for Structural Pest Control pursuant to exception under Section 149A-31.2(a) of the Hawaii Revised Statutes.

The RUP sale summaries are posted below by year.

If you have any questions, please contact the Pesticides Branch at 808.973.9402 or e-mail at: [email protected]

2021 RUP Summary
2020 RUP Summary (revised 2/2/2022)
2019 RUP Summary
2018 RUP Summary
2017 RUP Summary
2016 RUP Summary
2015 RUP Summary
2014 RUP Summary