Labeling Law for Hawaii-Grown Roasted and Instant Coffee

New Coffee Labeling Law Effective July 5, 2002

This new law, “Hawaii-Grown Coffee Law”, which amends §486-120.6, Hawaii Revised Statues expands mandatory labeling and advertising requirements to roasted and instant coffee, made from at least ten percent Hawaii-grown green coffee. The law also clarifies labeling requirements, definitions, and violations; and establishes record keeping requirements. The law specifies acceptable language, text location and font size for the identity statement used on packages of roasted or instant coffee offered or advertised for retail or institutional sale or display.

Package labels approved under the prior law will become noncompliant after July 4, 2003.  Please note that the new law, as it applied to the advertising of Hawaii-grown coffee, became effective immediately upon enactment on July 5, 2002.

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For examples of identity statements that are acceptable and unacceptable in the labeling or advertising of Hawaii-Grown coffees, please see the following:

If a Hawaiian geographic origin is used in labeling or advertising roasted or instant coffee, the green coffee beans used in that roasted or instant coffee must meet the grade standard requirements of rules adopted under chapter 147.  The Commodities Branch is responsible for the enforcement of grade standards for green coffee beans and coffee certification.



For more information, contact the Commodities Branch:

Oahu – (808) 832-0700

Kona – (808) 323-7589

Maui – (808) 873-3554

Kauai – (808) 271-7133