Aquaculture and Livestock Support Services Branch

Hawaii is an ideal location for aquaculture, the farming of plants and animals in water. From the lush green mountains, to the sandy shores of the broad blue ocean, water abounds, providing a myriad of environments to raise a wide variety of seafood. Shrimp, abalone, seaweed, microalgae, tilapia and various organisms for the aquarium trade are among the many investment opportunities on all the tropical islands of the State.

The Aquaculture and Livestock Support Services (ALSS) is a branch of the Animal Industry Division and diversified agriculture’s solution for moving Hawaii towards greater food self sufficiency, as well as creating viable export industries.

ALSS provides a wide range of support for new and existing aquaculture and livestock businesses through planning and coordination, business counseling, information dissemination efforts. ALSS supports profitable and sustainable industry growth by encouraging a diversity of products, and offers assistances in:

  • Starting a new business in Hawaii;
  • Introducing best management practices and new technologies;
  • Providing direct assistance with regulations and disease prevention;
  • Assisting market development at home and abroad;
  • Facilitating expansion of offshore aquaculture development on species, systems and potential leases;
  • Helping securing resources including leaseholds, water and processing facilities required to maintain and promote the local production of aquaculture and livestock.

Hawaii is moving towards greater food self-sufficiency. Many new and exciting opportunities arise during this course. In the following pages, you will learn more about our industries and how you can take advantage of these opportunities to be successful in an exciting global growth business.

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