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Made in Hawaii with Aloha Branding Program

The Made in Hawaii with Aloha branding program (MIHA) is managed by the Hawaii Department of Agriculture (HDOA) and is promoted jointly by HDOA, Hawaii Department of Business, Economic Development and Tourism (DBEDT), and the Chamber of Commerce of Hawaii (CoC).

The MIHA branding program was established to protect the integrity and value of authentic Hawaii branded products and to identify those products made in Hawaii from products made elsewhere yet called made in Hawaii.  Products labeled with the MIHA logo comply with the provisions of Hawaii Revised Statutes (HRS) §486-119 Hawaii-made products; Hawaii-processed products (see below).

HRS §486-119 Hawaii-made products; Hawaii-processed products. (a) No person shall keep, offer, display or expose for sale, or solicit for the sale of any item, product, souvenir, or any other merchandise that is labeled “made in Hawaii” or that by any other means misrepresents the origin of the item as being from any place within the State, or uses the phrase “made in Hawaii” as an advertising or media tool for any craft item that has not been manufactured, assembled, fabricated, or produced within the State and that has not had at least fifty-one per cent of its wholesale value added by manufacture, assembly, fabrication, or production within the State.

(b) Subsection (a) notwithstanding, no person shall keep, offer, display, expose for sale, or solicit the sale of any perishable consumer commodity that is labeled “made in Hawaii”, “produced in Hawaii”, or “processed in Hawaii” or that by any other means represents the origin of the perishable consumer commodity as being from any place within the State, or use the phrase “made in Hawaii”, “produced in Hawaii”, or “processed in Hawaii” as an advertising or media tool for any perishable consumer commodity, unless the perishable consumer commodity is wholly or partially manufactured, processed, or produced within the State from raw materials that originate from inside or outside the State and at least fifty-one per cent of the wholesale value of the perishable consumer commodity is added by manufacture, processing, or production within the State.
Violations may result in the penalties set forth in chapter 486, Hawaii Revised Statutes, including but not limited to, the imposition of civil and administrative fines of up to $2000 per day or for each separate offense and the issuance of stop-use and stop-sale orders.

Application Process

  1. Access an application form here (hyperlink to cloud based fillable e-sign form) to provide the required information. Duplicate the worksheet as necessary to certify multiple items.
  2. HDOA staff will review the submitted documents and contact you with questions or if more information is necessary.
  3. HDOA Chairperson will review the application for approval.
  4. Upon approval, HDOA staff will send the approved form, and a link will be provided to download the logos for use on products or as an advertising or media tool for products that have been manufactured, assembled, fabricated, or produced within the State and that have had at least fifty-one per cent of its wholesale value added by manufacture, assembly, fabrication, or production within the State.


MIHA Members (as of July 2021)

# Company Product
1  ‘Olili Soap & Conditioners
2 808 Splash Inc. ~ Body & Skin Care Body & Skin Care
3 Ahualoa Family Farms LLC Macadamia Nut Products
4 Aikane Trading, LLC Coffee
5 Aila Niu Hawaii LLC Pure Coconut Oil and Coconut Oil-based Products
6 Alepeleke’s Hawaiian Ice Pops & Catering LLC Flavored Ice Pops
7 Aloha Advantage Trading Tiki Lamps
8 Aloha Drapery (Kreative Kama’aina Enterprises, LLC) Drapes
9 Aloha Edibles, Inc. Crème Brulee Mix & Snacks
10 Aloha Farms Grow Coffee, Honey, Sea Salts & Solvent
11 Aloha Overstock, LLC Hawaiian Wooden Ornaments
12 Aloha Tofu Tofu & Aburage
13 Any Kine Snax, LLC Freeze Dried Snacks
14 Aunty Lilikoi Passion Fruit Dressings
15 Bamboo Boxer Co. (Fashion Plum Sales) Clothing
16 Beer Lab Hawaii Beer
17 Beyond Organics Venture Sunscreen
18 Bio-Eco Hawaii Coffee
19 Blue Corner Coffee Coffee
20 Bubble Shack Hawaii Soap
21 Christensen Knives Knives
22 Coco Java (Valerie Joseph Boutique) Coffee, Hawaiian Mochi Pancake Mixes, Skin Care Scrubs
23 DB Ventures LLC dba B2 Creative Originals Wood Print Art
24 Eggs Hawaii Inc Fresh Eggs
25 Elle’s Kitchen Marinade
26 For J’s Hawaii Spices, Pesto & Dressings
27 General Coffee Process LLC (Ono Blend Coffee Hawaii) Coffee
28 H.K. Enterprise Group, Inc. (Hawaii Kai Corporation) Sea Salt
29 Hamakua Liquid Gold Honey
30 HammerHead Spearguns T-shirts
31 Hana Na’ia LLC Natural Cosmetics
32 Hanalei Spirits Distillery Corp. Vodka, Rum & Spirits
33 Hawaii Business Group Incorporated (Wing Coffee Company) Coffee
34 Hawaii Grown Snacks Dried Fruits
35 Hawaii’s Simple Gourmet Turmeric Extract Capsules & Powder
36 Hawaiian Chip Company Hot Sauce
37 Hawaiian Drift Inc. Clothing
38 Hawaiian Palm Baskets Handmade Hawaiian Baskets
39 Hawaiian Royal Trading (Coffee) Coffee
40 Herbologie, LLC Health Drink
41 Heritage Arts Inc. (Island Salsa) Island Style Salsa
43 Hobbs Tea Hawaii Grown Tea
44 Hollywood Chairs (Totally Bamboo) Coasters
45 Holomua Kitchen, LLC Freeze Dried Snacks & Foods
46 Honomu Goat Dairy Goat’s Milk Caramels
47 Huna Aloha, Inc. Jewelry
48 Island Candle Shop Partners Tropical Scented Candles
49 Island Grown Foods, Inc. (Hawaii Food Products) Hawaiian Foods
50 Jacy Inc (dba Winkler Woods) Ukulele
51 Jade Food Products, Inc. Seeds & Snacks
52 JUSTinfusions LLC (Pono Infusions) Tea
53 Ka’u Coffee Mill LLC Ka’u Coffee
54 Kailee Kauai (Kalaheo Designs) Jewelry
55 Kailua Honey Honey
56 Kanetomi Hawaii, Inc. Garments
57 Kapa Nui, LLC Nail Polishes, Polish Remover and Cuticle Oil
58 Kauai Island Metals Inc. (Island Metals) Metal Roofing and Siding Supply Materials
59 Kipimana Hawaiian Granola Company LLC Hawaiian Macadamia Nut Granola
60 Koa and Coffee Hawaiian Honey Honey
61 Kula Nectar Apiaries LLC Honey
62 La’akea Gardens Hawaii LLC Mamaki Tea
63 Lani Sweets & Treats, LLC Ginger & Turmeric Products
64 Lanikai Brewing Company Craft Beers
65 Lewa Farms Kona Coffee
66 M’doridori Limited Wrapping Materials
67 Makapueo Farms Coffee
68 Maui Pua Lani Niihau Shell Jewelry
69 Maui Sweet N Spicy (Triumph Solutions Inc) Bacon Crack
70 Meli LLC Waimanalo Honey
71 Na’Ike Ltd Condiments & Sauces
72 Oahu Honey Company LLC Honey
73 Opala Foods, LLC Pink Oyster Mushrooms; Flavored Mushroom Jerky
74 Origin Coffee Roasters Coffee (including 100% Hawaii, 100% Maui)
75 Paradise General Store Bamboo Walking Stick
76 Paradise Pawz Dog Treats
77 PepsiCo, Inc (Aquafina) Aquafina Bottled Water 20 oz & 1 liter sizes
78 Pop Culture Artisan Pops LLC Artisan Flavored Pop Treats
79 Punahele Provisions Baby Food Pouches
80 Rub Me Dirty Spice Rubs
81 Rubber Stamp Plantation Rubber Stamps
82 Saiva Siddhanta Church dba Wailua River Noni Noni Powder Capsules
83 Salty Wahine Gourmet Hawaiian Sea Salts Sea Salts & Spices
84 Shaka Spirits LLC Awamori Spirits
85 Sky Dreams LLC Purses & Bags
86 Spicy Ninja Sauce Hot Sauce
87 Sweet Brown Hawaii Caramels
88 The Big Island Bee Company Honey
89 The Stick & The Ball LLC (Aloha Sunrise Granola) Granola Products
90 Toast Event Design Craft Goods
91 Trade West Inc (Forever Florals) Cosmetics
92 Tradition Coffee Roasters Coffee (including 100% Ka’u)
93 Tropical Dreams Ice Cream Ice Cream
94 Tropical J’s Umbrellas and Awnings
95 U&F Solution USA Kona Coffee
96 Visions of the Tropics Paintings & Face Masks
97 Wood Valley Ka’u Mamaki Mamaki Tea
98 WR Enterprises LLC (Pupus 4 Pups) Local Venison Puppy Treats


Questions or Comments

HDOA welcomes questions and comments about the MIHA branding program.

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