Howard’s Nurseries, Inc.

Posted on Feb 1, 2013 in Main

Howard’s Nurseries, Inc.
2301 Omaopio Road

Kula, Hawaii  96790

Contact: Sandy Takishita, Vice President
Phone: (808) 878-4180
Fax: (808) 878-8409
E-mail: [email protected]

First established in 1979, Howard’s has strived to provide a variety of  potted flowers for the people of Hawaii.  In the early ‘90s, the nursery cleared areas to launch a landscaping plant business for the construction trade.  Howard’s now has 27 acres of overall production. Flowers are raised in a state-of-the-art Dutch greenhouse whose climate is controlled with a weather station and irrigation and fertilization controlled by a computer.  All the water in the greenhouse is recycled through the system multiple times.

Sandy Takishita of Howard’s explains, “The meaning of quality to any farmer is the same, give or take.  Wanting quality and delivering quality are two different issues in this business. At Howard’s, we spend extraordinary time and expense to guarantee quality at delivery.”

She goes on to explain, “The question is always whether the farm has the staff, distribution systems and consistent product that will allow delivery of that perfect product with no flaws, brown spots or moldy stems on a regular basis.”

Howard’s Nurseries harvests and packs the day before shipping.  They have a highly skilled staff packing with premium quality packing materials. Howards has put in place one of the best distribution systems throughout the state that allow products to be on the shelf in record time and excellent condition. Howard’s nursery has potted flowers, floral bouquets, and landscape plants which are represented by the Hawaii Seal of Quality.  Howard’s products can be found at retail outlets that support local flowers such as Foodland Markets, Times Supermarkets, Whole Foods Markets, Long’s CVS Drug Stores, Navy Exchange, Marine Corp Exchange, Watanabe Floral, Ishihara Market, Ah Fooks Market, and Cash N Carry.