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Launched in May 2006, the Hawaii Seals of Quality represents the cream of the crop of Hawaii’s agricultural producers. It was established to protect the integrity and value of the marketing cachet for Hawaii branded farm and value-added products.  Products with this seal are genuine, Hawaii-grown or Hawaii-made premium products, a guarantee that is enforced by the State of Hawaii.

To meet program standards, all fresh agricultural products must be entirely produced in Hawaii.

The Seals of Quality program was founded by 12 notable agricultural producers and is supported by many of Hawaii’s most prominent chefs.

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The SOQ program has launched a new TV, digital and social media campaign partnering with Hawaii News Now/ HI Now on multiple broadcasting stations including KGMB, KHNL, and K5. Check out the SOQ featured TV segments called “Seal of Quality Saturday” on Saturdays!

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The Department of Agriculture welcomes questions and comments about the Seals of Quality program.

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