Hawaii Seals of Quality Brings Positive Brand Recognition for Paradise Meadows

August, 2012

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Launched in May of 2006, the Hawaii Seal of Quality program is designed to represent the cream of the crop of Hawaii’s agricultural producers. The purpose of the program is to establish and protect the integrity and value of products that are Hawaii- made or Hawaii-grown premium products. In order to qualify for the Hawaii Seal of Quality Program, all fresh agricultural products must be entirely produced in Hawai’i.

Michael Rakieten, Manager for Paradise Meadows tells of his experience with Hawaii Seal of Quality; “For Paradise Meadows and our award winning 100% Hawaiian Ka’u Coffee and Macadamia Nuts, the State of Hawaii’s Seal of Quality Branding Program has been an indispensable element of our overall marketing strategy.  For our customers, the distinction of having the Seal of Quality label on all our packaging reinforces our commitment to provide the highest quality premium product and gives Paradise Meadows a competitive edge in the dynamic specialty coffee and nut markets.”

Paradise Meadows was established in 2004 when Scott Buske found his 75 acre farm on the Big Island.  They continued to clear the grass which once dominated their fields, allowing for the orchards to become visible.  They discovered coffee trees and bee hives and this is where the business began.  Since then, Paradise Meadows has expanded to include coffee and an aquaponics greenhouse where they also grow vegetables.  Paradise Meadows continues to increase production, and with the help of the Hawai’i Seal of Quality, more shoppers will recognize their product as a premium, high-quality, and local product.


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For more information on the Hawaii Seals of Quality program, please contact 808-973-9595.