Hawaiian Nougat Company, LLC

Posted on Feb 11, 2013 in SOQ Companies

Company: Hawaiian Nougat Company, LLC
Contact: Liz and Peter Anderson
Phone: (808) 926-4885
Email: [email protected]
Website: www.hawaiiannougat.com

Honolulu, Hawaii husband and wife team, Liz and Peter Anderson created a Hawaiian confection that brings the sweet taste of the islands in a candy that has been around for centuries. Hawaiian Nougat, pronounced noo-guht or noo-gah, was created at the non-profit Pacific Gateway Incubator Kitchen in Kalihi.  Liz explained “the Kalihi staff was very kind and generous in helping us to get started.  We could not have come this far without them.”

The company’s focus is using local ingredients in their candy. Currently, Hawaiian Nougat Company, LLC uses HC&S Maui natural cane sugar, Island Princess macadamia nuts from Hilo, vanilla from Hawaiian Vanilla Company, and local eggs & honey in their products.

Liz Anderson says, “What makes our nougat unique are the local products. Locally sourced ingredients give the nougat its unique flavor. The fact our candy is hand-made in small batches and not with industrial equipment is also a factor.

The Hawaii School for the Deaf and Blind work-study program is a part of their operation. The students are responsible for labeling the packages, weighing the candy, and using a heat sealer. They are very conscientious in their work and are very good in critiquing new products.

Liz also reveals they are working on a Kona coffee nougat and Hawaiian chocolate nougat. Of course, the students are asking when the Hawaiian chocolate nougat will be ready to package.

Hawaiian Nougat can be found at Whole Food Markets, Hilo Hattie, William Sonoma’s Artesian market (1st Saturday of the month), and soon on their website.

The company’s production has moved from the Pacific Gateway Incubator Kitchens to their own location on Waialae Avenue.

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