Animal Quarantine Branch

Prevents the introduction of rabies to Hawaii, the only rabies-free state in the nation.

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The Animal Quarantine Branch has the mission of preventing the entry of rabies into the State of Hawaii. Hawaii historically has never had an indigenous case of rabies and the State operates a quarantine of all dogs, cats, and other carnivores, to maintain a rabies-free status.

The rabies quarantine program was established in 1912 when the disease was declared endemic in the State of California and it was feared that carnivorous animals imported from that state could transmit the disease to Hawaii. The program began as a 120-day quarantine and in 1997, a 30-day quarantine alternate program was approved (abolished in 2003).

A Five Day Or Less Quarantine went into effect on June 30, 2003.  This quarantine program allows pets to be directly released at the airport if the pet owner follows strict procedures prior to the pet’s arrival in Hawaii.  It takes at least four months to qualify an adult pet that has had at least one rabies vaccination.  It takes at least 10 months to qualify a newborn puppy or kitten for this program.

The only exceptions made to the quarantine are for animals originating from other rabies-free areas that have prevention, control and surveillance methods that are equal to or more strict than those of Hawaii. At the present time, the only areas judged to meet these criteria are the British Isles, Australia, Guam and New Zealand. Animals that are native or have resided in these areas for six months prior to travel, and who meet strict transportation requirements are allowed into Hawai`i without quarantine.

For more details on moving to Hawaii with your family dog or cat, go to the Animal Quarantine Information webpage.


Contact Info:

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  • Animal Quarantine Station phone:  (808) 483-7151
    (Due to the large volume of calls and the time zone difference, the best way to contact the Animal Quarantine Station is via the e-mail address above.)