Importing Cattle

Updated 2019

Cattle for import must meet the following pre-entry requirements:

  • Originate from a herd not quarantined for brucellosis, tuberculosis, or anaplasmosis.
  • Tested negative within 30 days for brucellosis (by an official brucellosis test performed in a USDA approved laboratory), tuberculosis, and anaplasmosis test (c-ELISA).
  • Dipped or sprayed thoroughly with an insecticide approved for use on cattle at a concentration approved to kill ticks within 7 days of shipment. Include a statement – Free of external parasites.
  • All non-virgin bulls and all bulls 12 months of age or older shall have a negative trichomoniasis PCR test conducted within 30 days prior to entry.  Tested bulls shall not breed cows for at least 10 days prior to testing and shall not be allowed to breed again until after entry.
  • Every animal must be individually identified by either a national uniform ear tag number (Official Alpha-Numeric USDA metal ear tag [Bangs tag, Brite/Silver tag], Official 840 radio frequency identification [RFID], Official 840 flap or bangle tag), or an official individual animal breed registry brand, or an official individual animal breed registration tattoo, (individual breed registry tattoos and brands valid only when accompanied with a copy of the animal’s breed registration document.)  All identifications shall be recorded on the CVI.
  • Vesicular Stomatitis
    The following statement is to appear on the Certificate of Veterinary Inspection (CVI) for all livestock entering Hawaii originating from states affected with Vesicular Stomatitis (VS) for the duration of the VS outbreaks.

“I have examined all the animals identified on this certificate within 72 hours of shipment date and found them to be free from signs of Vesicular Stomatitis (VS). During the last thirty (30) days, these animals have not been exposed to VS nor located on a VS confirmed or a VS suspected premises.”


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