CBB Pesticide Subsidy Program

Posted on Sep 14, 2016 in Main

Updated 7/1/20

Aloha Coffee Farmers,

The Hawaii Department of Agriculture (HDOA) Coffee Berry Borer (CBB) Pesticide Subsidy Program was established by Act 105, Session Laws of Hawaii 2014, to assist Hawaii coffee farmers with the cost of pesticides containing the fungus, Beauveria bassiana (i.e. BotaniGard® and Mycotrol®) known to control CBB. In 2017 the Hawaii Legislature extended the program through 6/30/2021.

Currently, applications are accepted until 6/30/2021 for purchases made from 7/1/2019 through 6/30/2020. For purchases made during this time period, reimbursement is available for up to 50% of out-of-pocket costs for Beauveria bassiana products and depending on number of applicants and available funds, up to a maximum of $600 per acre and $6,000 per farm. Any applications received or postmarked after 6/30/2021 will not be eligible for reimbursement.

To apply for the HDOA CBB Pesticide Subsidy for purchases of Beauveria bassiana made from 7/1/2019 through 6/30/2020, go to: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/NX2ZKV3

or Download a printable Application/Survey

Application/Survey in Spanish – Encuesta / Solicitud

Once you have completed the online application, you will be contacted by the CBB Pesticide Subsidy office to obtain a signature and your receipts. For new applicants several additional documents are required to get started (a Driver’s License or State Issued ID, your State of Hawaii General Excise Tax ID and Social Security number or Federal Tax ID, and your land lease if your name is not listed on the TMK).

View and download the CBB Pesticide Subsidy Program brochure

Thank you for your interest in the CBB Pesticide Subsidy program. Please send your scanned paper email [email protected] or call 808.323.7578 with any questions.