Momilani Elementary School Visit to PQ – March 2019

Posted on Apr 1, 2019 in Main

Students in a 3rd grade class from Momilani Elementary School visited the Plant Quarantine Office on March 3, 2019 and got a special demonstration from one of the detector dogs that sniff out snakes in incoming baggage and cargo.

K9 Detector Dog handlers, Theresa Manzano, Lisa Goya-Nishikawa and Cindy Umemoto and PQ inspector Jennifer Kobayashi and Education Specialist Kent Dumlao conducted the presentation and demonstration. (Cindy’s daughter was in the class)

PQ Inspector Kent Dumlao shows a visual presentation to the class

Boxes are set up to show how detector dogs can smell snakes in baggage and cargo.

Students pose with the detector dog

Students learn how to catch a snake…a fake one.

Student snake catchers

The right way to bag a snake

More snake catching