Plant Quarantine – Application for Permits

Applications for import permits (Form PQ-7) may be obtained from any Hawaii Department of Agriculture Plant Quarantine Office or downloaded here in fillable PDF format.

For non-domestic animals:

  • The applicant must completely fill out the first page, including the quantity and scientific name of the organism desired, the object of importation and sign and date the bottom portion of the second page.
  • For organisms on the Restricted Lists, also complete in detail the top portion of the second page, numbers 1 thru 5, which includes the reasons for introduction, persons responsible, safeguard facilities to be used, method of disposition, and an abstract of the organism. Animals on the Restricted Part B List are not allowed to be imported as pets.

For microorganisms:

  • Complete all information requested on the front and back pages of the application (Form PQ-7):
  • For unlisted microorganisms and microorganisms on the Restricted List (Part A and B) and Human Select Pathogens, please complete the application addendum, click here.  Applicants must also provide their curriculum vitae.  For laboratories, provide the laboratory’s floor plan on a 8 1/2″ x 11″ sheet.
  • Applicants are asked to provide the following additional information :
    1.   Indicate whether the safeguarded site is on state or county land.
    2.  Indicate whether the project is funded by state or county funds.
    3.  Your analysis as to the potential effects on the environment in the event of an accidental     release of the microorganism.

For microbial products:

  • Complete all information requested on the front and back of the application (Form PQ-MP)
    The product label must be submitted in legible form on a 8 1/2″ x 11″ or 8 1/2″ x 14″ sheet.

Any part of the application and addendum that is not complete may cause a delay in processing your request.  Please write your full name and make sure that you have completed all sections of the application and addendum.


Import permit fees are as follows:

Article / Commodity Type of Request Fees
Restricted Plants Single shipment

Multiple shipments in 1 year



Conditionally Approved Animals*
(pet birds, rats, guinea pigs, etc.)
Single shipment

Multiple shipments in 1 year



Restricted Animals*
(for research institutions, municipal zoos)
Single shipment

Multiple shipments in 1 year



Unlisted Animals
(By Board of Agriculture Approval)
Special permit

Short-term permit



Listed / Unlisted Microorganisms* Single shipment

Multiple shipments



Unlisted Microorganisms Letter of authorization $50.00
Unlisted / Restricted Microorganisms Emergency permit $100.00
Microbial Product Registration (annual) $150.00
Laboratory underHRS Section 150A-6.3(f)(2) Registration (annual) $150.00
Plants / Animals / Microorganisms Expedited processing

Requiring Rule amendment



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