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Importation of Plants, Insects, Microorganisms and Non-Domestic Animals

All agricultural items, including plants, plant parts, non-domesticated animals, microorganism cultures, microbial products, arthropods and soil require inspection upon arrival in Hawaii. These items must be checked before the shipment can be released to insure they are free of pests or will not become pests themselves. The Hawaii Department of Agriculture (HDOA) has placed a priority on inspections for snakes, red imported fire ants and other pests and plant diseases that are not established in Hawaii.

All individuals arriving in Hawaii from the Mainland must declare agricultural items brought into the State on the “Plants and Animals Declaration Form” and present these items for inspection to a HDOA Plant Quarantine inspector in the baggage claim area.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) regulates the introduction of plants, plant products, animals, and animal products including meats from foreign countries into the United States (which includes Hawaii). Sometimes, both USDA and HDOA may have restrictions on the same commodity. These commodities must be inspected by both agencies to insure all the requirements are met.

All transportation companies transporting agricultural items to Hawaii must notify a Plant Quarantine Inspector of these items and insure that all items, including cargo and mail, are available until the inspection is completed.

HDOA’s Plant Quarantine Branch conducts pre-entry, entry, and post-entry inspections of regulated materials entering the State. All microorganisms and non-domestic animals and certain microorganisms and plants require permits prior to their importation.

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