Amnesty Program

Hawaii restricts the import and possession of many animals due to the threat to the state’s unique environment and agriculture.  Many animals are not allowed as pets and some require permits.

Animals such as snakes, large reptiles, wild predatory mammals, invasive bird species and non-native mammals are illegal in Hawaii.

The state’s Amnesty Program allows the voluntary surrender of illegal animals. No penalties will be assessed if a person voluntarily turns in a prohibited species before an investigation is initiated. Animals may be dropped off at local humane societies, municipal zoos, or any Hawaii Department of Agriculture’s Plant Quarantine Office.

List of Plant Quarantine Office locations

Animals surrendered under the Amnesty Program will not be euthanized.

Please do not release illegal animals into the wild.

Anyone with information regarding illegal animals in Hawaii is asked to call the State’s Toll-Free Pest Hotline at (808) 643-PEST(7378)