Agricultural Resource Management

Administers the development and management of key agricultural resources.

Land and water are two ingredients essential to sustaining agricultural operations. In recognition of Hawaii’s limited land and water resources, the State Department of Agriculture is charged with preserving these important resources to ensure the viability of Hawaii’s diversified agricultural industry.

Through its Agricultural Resource Management Division, the department operates the State’s Agricultural Park Program. The major objective of this program is to assist people who are interested in leasing land for farming ventures by providing irrigation water, reasonably priced farmland with infrastructure and facilities to encourage competition within the industry.

The program is composed of three separate sub-programs:



  • On December 9, 2015, the branch issued a pubic notice for negotiations for lease of various non-agricultural park lands on the islands of Oahu, Hawaii and Kauai. Applications will be accepted up to January 11, 2016. To view the public notice, click here.
  • Hamakua North Hilo Agricultural Cooperative – The HNHAC subleases state agricultural lands and manages about 100 small farms in the Pauuilo-Honokaa area. Go to the HNHAC website for more information on farm leases.


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Molokai Irrigation System


  • Map 1 East Kauai Irrigation System
  • Map 2 Kekaha Ditch Irrigation System
  • Map 3 Kokee Ditch Irrigation System
  • Map 4 Pioneer Mill Irrigation System
  • Map 5 Waiahole Ditch Irrigation System
  • Map 6 Lower Hamakua Ditch Irrigation System
  • Map 7 Molokai Irrigation System
  • Map 8 Upcountry Maui Irrigation System
  • Map 9 Waimanalo Irrigation System
  • Map 10 Waimea Irrigation System
  • Map 11 East Maui Irrigation System
  • Map 12 Kauai Coffee Irrigation System
  • Map 13 West Maui Irrigation System