Pesticide Applicator Certification / Recertification

Applications for Pesticide Applicator Certification / Recertification; Information on Continuing Education Training (CET) classes and CET credit hour requirements for specific certification categories.

For questions regarding pesticide applicator certification/recertification, you may contact :
Phone: (808) 973-9409; (808) 973-9411; (808) 973-9424
E-mail: [email protected]


Examination Sign Up

Scheduling an exam can be done through our Pesticides Education Portal at:

Instructions on signing up for exams can be found at:

Contact your district pesticide branch office for any questions. Pesticides branch office contacts can be found here (

Examination fees are as follows:

$50.00 per examination; $100.00 per initial certification card issued;

$50.00 per replacement card or name/employer change

Examination Study Packets Study packets may be purchased from the University of Hawaii, College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources, Cooperative Extension Service.  To place an order or to download a copy please visit their website at: 


Call your local education pesticide contact found at to schedule an appointment. New and renewing licenses cost $100.00. Duplicate/replacement and name change licenses cost $50.00. Hawaii Department of Agriculture only accepts cash, check, or money order.

HDOA Pesticides Education Web Portal:

  • Schedule exams
  • Check exam scores
  • Look up Continuing Education Training Classes that are being offered
  • Check Credit Summary for license renewal

Continuing Education Training Classes

(Updated January 8, 2013) Procedure for Requesting Recertification Class/Program Accreditation – Requests must be received in writing at least ten (10) working days prior to the date of the event or program.  Requests received with less than ten (10) working days notice may not be reviewed.

  • For Seminars and Conferences
  • For Correspondence Programs and University Courses.
  • Checklist
  • Responsibilities of the Sponsor
  • Contact Person

For Seminars and Conferences.  Request must be accompanied by the following:  (missing materials will result in a delay in the review and possible rejection)

  1. Name of the Sponsor (company, organization, etc.) and a Contact Person’s telephone number, e-mail address, etc.
  2. Biography (or resume) of each speaker demonstrating their qualifications for speaking on the subject material.  Please keep to no more than 2 pages. Previously submitted biogrgaphies are valid for two years.
  3. An outline of each speaker’s presentation.  The outline should indicate next to each major heading the length of time the speaker expects to address that topic.  Additional detailed information should follow each major heading.
  4. Information or materials to be handed out to participants.
  5. Identify the goals and the category or categories for which recertification credits are being requested.
  6. Class availability:  (Is the program open to all individuals or limited to a specific group?  Are there any required fees?).
  7. The dates, times and locations of the programs.
  8. A method of competency evaluation is recommended, but not required for class sizes of up to 25 persons.  This will aid in the evaluation process.  Those programs requiring greater effort on the part of participants in the way of required competency will be considered for maximum recertification credits.

For Correspondence Programs and University Courses.    The request must be accompanied by the following:  (missing materials will result in a delay in the review and possible rejection)

  1. A copy of a letter identifying the sponsor and a contact person’s telephone number.
  2. The course title and a course syllabus or a copy of the course materials.  (Include a copy of the examination if an exam is administered after the completion of the course and the satisfactory passing grade/score).
  3. Identify the goals and the category or categories for which recertification credits are being requested.
  4. Class availability (course schedule and who may enroll)
  5. Method for verifying successful completion of course.  (To receive recertification credits a participant must receive a satisfactory passing grade as determined by the sponsor.)

Checklist – Attach copy of  Checklist  to request.   

Procedures for Receiving Recertification Credits

  1. Upon receiving approval, the presentation/program is assigned a class number along with the number of credit hours authorized and the categories for which C.E.T. credit is approved.
  2. Sign-in / Sign-out attendance sheets.  Persons failing to either sign-in or sign-out appropriately will not receive recertification credits.
  3. No one should be allowed to sign the attendance sheet fifteen (15) minutes after the start of the presentation/session.  Sponsors and/or HDOA monitors should draw a line following the last entry fifteen (15) minutes after the start of the session.  In this case, the HDOA will assume responsibility for disallowing recertification credits for all signatures following closure.
  4. The HDOA may send a staff specialist or a designated representative to monitor the program and to determine if all provisions of the request are carried out.  The HDOA reserves the right to increase or decrease the amount of recertification credits if the activity ends before or legitimately extends beyond the scheduled time, or if provisions of the request were not followed.
  5. Recertification credits earned by each applicator will be posted into applicator’s file by the HDOA within two weeks after the receipt of the attendance information.

Contact – Submit requests to:

Hawaii Department of Agriculture Pesticides Branch 1428 S. King Street Honolulu, HI 96814-2512

E-mail: [email protected]

Recertification Procedure
 Instructions for recertification, Continuing Education Training (CET) credit hour requirements and how to earn them. IMPORTANT:  Applicators are responsible for keeping a record of classes (class numbers) they attend.  Credits will not be given to applicators attending the same class more than once during a five-year certification period.  Credit from ONLINE courses will only count towards half of each applicable categories’ credit hour requirement rounded up. For example: Commercial category 5 needs 25 credits to renew so only 13 of those credits can come from online courses.

Checking your credit history.  Log into the Pesticides Education Portal to find out how many recertification credits are currently on file with the pesticides branch.  Another alternative is to call your local HDOA Education contact which is found under Pesticide Branch Contacts.

List of Hawaii Department of Agriculture approved Continuing Education Training classes.   If you have any questions or would like to sign up for a class, please contact the class sponsor.  Credit from online courses cannot exceed half of each applicable categories’ credit hour requirement rounded up. A one-week advance notice for sign-up is recommended. 

Chronological Listing of Past CET Classes by Calendar Year:

2010  2011  2012   2013   2014  2015  2016


***IMPORTANT:  Listings are provided for information only.  Applicants should confirm applicable certification categories and CET credit information with the sponsor at the time of sign-up.***

Quiz Sessions

Certified applicators may also earn CET credits by passing open book quizzes which test an applicator’s comprehension of articles in the quarterly newsletter “The Pesticide Label”.  The newsletters are published by the College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources, Cooperative Extension Service and is available on the internet at: Quiz sessions are free and offered by appointment only at the Department of Agriculture.  Sessions are limited to an hour each, however, applicators may take as many quizzes during the session as time permits.  Each quiz is normally worth 1.5 credit hours. View list of available quizzes. List of Available Quizzes  (Updated 9/24/18)