1. USDA Office of Community Food Systems Resources, The USDA Office of Community Food Systems has updated their resources for procuring local food! Be sure to check out their wealth of guides, fact sheets, and webinars to learn more
  2. Research Shows Farm to School Works
  3. Integrating Local Foods into Child Nutrition Programs
  4. Selling Local Food to Schools: A Resource for Producers
  5. How Cooperative Extension Professionals Can Support Farm to School Programs
  6. Effective Strategies State Agencies Can Use to Support Community Food Systems
  7. School Gardens: Using Gardens to Grow Healthy Habits in Cafeterias, Classrooms, and Communities
  8. Bringing Tribal Foods and Traditions into Cafeterias, Classrooms, and Gardens
  9. Gardens in Tribal Communities
  10. Farm to Preschool: Local Food and Learning in Early Childcare and Education Settings
  11. Farm to Summer: Why Summer Meal Programs are Ripe for Local Foods and Agriculture Based Activities
  12. CACFP Meal Pattern Training ToolsUSDA

The new CACFP meal pattern is coming, and these four infographics will help you successfully update your menus to align with the new meal pattern.

  1. GREEN Tool offers evidence-based guidance for school garden successLehman College

This is one of the first evidence-based guides for planting and nurturing sustainable school gardens, including characteristics of gardens that help to play an enduring role in the life of the school.

  1. How the quality of school lunches affects students’ academic performance

Brookings Institute

This story looks at how school nutrition impacts educational achievement, focusing on the quality of food served. In years when a school contracts with a healthy lunch company, students at the school score better on end-of-year academic tests.

    1. USDA Farm to School Grant Program
    2. USDA Grants and Loans that Support Farm to School Activities
    1. 10 Facts About Local Food in Schools
    2. Decision Tree: How Will You Bring Local Foods into the Cafeteria with Your Next Food Purchase?
    3. Geographic Preference: What It Is and How To Use It
    4. USDA Foods: A Resource for Buying Local
    5. Using DOD Fresh to Buy Local
    6. Local Meat in Child Nutrition Programs: Increasing Opportunities for Small and Mid-Sized Livestock Ranchers and Fishermen


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    • HAWAIIAN HARVEST SUMMER ART CONTEST – Show us how you connect with Hawaiian Harvests & Farm to School!  Winning artwork will be integrated in the Hawaiian Harvest F2S Outreach Materials, Finalists Artwork will be displayed at the 2017 AG-CONFERENCE (8/29/2017) & Winners will receive AWARDS at the 2017 F2S CONFERENCE (8/30/2017)!