Industrial Hemp Pilot Program

April 2017 HDOA Hemp Update


  • The Department:
    1. Released on March 9, 2017 a request for proposals (RFP) to secure a contractor(s) to develop a line of Hawaii acclimated industrial hemp seed for distribution to licensees in the upcoming industrial hemp pilot program.
    2. Is in the process of registering as a Schedule 1 importer of controlled substances with the DEA.


  • The Department Plans to:
    1. Award seed development contracts to contractor/(s) selected at the end of the RFP process.
    2. Hold hearings for public review of the draft administrative program rules in each county.
      1. For more information on public hearings click here
    3. Obtain a controlled substance registration from Hawaii State Department of Safety.
    4. Import seeds to be further developed into a line of industrial hemp for Hawaii by the contractor/(s) selected upon receipt of all necessary licenses.

Projected Timeline*

  • March 2017
    1. Hemp Seed Development RFP released March 9, 2017.
    2. Proposals accepted until May 5, 2017
  • May 2017
    1. RFP Proposals reviewed.
    2. Public hearings on proposed administrative rules held.
  • Summer 2017: Program Coordinator Selected
  • Winter 2017: Program Inspector selected.
  • January 1-April 1 2018: Growers may begin applying for licenses.

*All date and times are rough estimates, and subject to change without notice, being contingent upon funding and approval processes.  Check here for updates.

Resources, and check the link regularly in the event that addendums to RFP are posted.