Industrial Hemp Pilot Program

June 2017 HDOA Hemp Update


  • The Department:
    1. Is awaiting final approval of its draft administrative regulations from the Small Business Review Board, and Governor Ige.
    2. Acquired its DEA registration and import permit.
    3. Purchased initial seed for development.
    4. Selected seed development contractors.
    5. Is working to obtain a controlled substance registration from the Hawaii State Department of Public Safety.


  • The Department Plans to:
    1. Import seeds to be further developed into a line of industrial hemp for Hawaii.
    2. Develop seed June 2017-June 2018.
    3. Hire a program coordinator

Projected Timeline*

  • July 2017
    1. Seed imported. Seed development begins.
  • August 2017: Program Coordinator Hired
  • October 2017: Applications for licenses accepted
  • Winter 2017-2018: First licenses awarded

*All date and times are rough estimates, and subject to change without notice, being contingent upon funding and approval processes.  Check here for updates.