Public Notices

Jan. 30, 2020

Agricultural Resource Management Division
East Maui Irrigation Improvement Project

In 2018, the Hawaiʻi State Legislature appropriated funding for capital improvement project (CIP) funding for plans, design, and construction for irrigation and water delivery systems in East Maui to support agricultural purposes.  The legislative intent was to primarily support the small farmers in East Maui in furtherance of the State’s goals of food security and self-sufficiency.In May 2019, the Hawaiʻi Department of Agriculture and its Project Team introduced the East Maui Water Systems Improvement Project (Project) to the community, and specifically the East Maui community.  Phase 1 of the Project entailed the Project Team meeting with key stakeholders to gather relevant input to identify and assess potential projects for HDOA’s consideration.  During this phase, we also conducted site visits of potential projects and held two public meetings to update the community and gather additional input.

Based upon the community engagement, the Project Team conducted site assessments for the potential projects, taking into consideration the feasibility of completing each proposed project based upon a matrix of key factors.  The Project Team prepared a prioritization matrix to assist HDOA in determining which proposed projects should proceed to the design phase.  We are currently in the design and regulatory process phase to ensure timely use of the CIP funds.

This process is detailed in the East Maui Water Systems Improvement, Proposed Project Summary Report dated December 16, 2019:

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