Board Actions for 06-12-2003 Meeting

Posted on Jun 12, 2003 in Board Actions



Date:       June 12, 2003 (Thursday)
Time:       9:30 a.m.
Location:  Department of Agriculture
               Plant Quarantine Conference Room
               1849 Auiki Street
               Honolulu, Hawaii


1. Consideration of E-mailed Testimony and Submissions (regarding Relocation of “Rusti” the Orangutan) Inadvertently Not Distributed Prior to February 20, 2003 Board Meeting

Action: Reaffirmed decision made at February 20, meeting. Approval to move Rusti to Kualoa Ranch.


1. Request for Approval to Modify Loan to Ceatech USA, Inc.

Action: Loan approved at $1.8 M with certain conditions.

2. Request for Approval of One (1) Direct Farm Ownership and One (1) Direct Operating Loan to Kelly J. and Amy A. Moorhead (dba Kauai Sunrise Farms).

Action: Approved.


1. Request that the Board of Agriculture relax the minimum export requirements for papayas, for the period June 16, 2003, through September 14, 2003, to allow export of properly labeled papayas that do not meet the maturity and soluble solids requirements of Hawaii No. 1.

Action: Approved.


1. Request for Approval to Issue New Revocable Permit to Hawaii Tropical Plants
Molokai Agricultural Park, Lots 9 and 10, Island of Molokai

Action: Approved

2. Request for Consent to Assignment of Lease
General Lease No. S-4856
Keahole Agricultural Park, Phase I, Lot 1, Island of Hawai’i

Action: Approved

3. Request for an Adjustment of the Annual Lease Rent as Determined by Independent Appraisal Upon Reopening, Pahoa Agricultural Park, Phase II, Island of Hawaii

Action: Approved.

4. Request to Rescind Prior Board Action Approving an Assignment of Lease and Amendment of Lease Covering General Lease No. S-3001; and Request for Approval to Petition the Board of Land and Natural Resources to Cancel Governor’s Executive Order No. 3251 and Issuance of Governor’s Executive Order to the County of Maui for Agricultural Processing and Marketing Purposes
Kula Vacuum Cooling Plant, Island of Maui

Action: Deferred to next board meeting, lack of quorum.

5. Request for Approval to Renew Revocable Permit, Hawaiian Sunshine Nursery, Inc.

Action: Approved.

6. Request for Approval to Issue Temporary Construction Right-of-Entry Kahuku Agricultural Park, TMK (1) 5-6-05:09

Action: Approved.

7. Certification of Acreage Assessments for:
Waimanalo Irrigation System, 2003 Fiscal Year
Kahuku Agricultural Park Irrigation System, 2003 Fiscal Year
Molokai Agricultural Park Irrigation System, 2003 Fiscal Year
Waimea Agricultural Park Irrigation System, 2003 Fiscal Year
Honokaa-Paauilo Agricultural Park Irrigation System,
2003 Fiscal Year

Action: Approved.

8. Request for Approval to Waive Acreage Assessments and Water Delivery Charges for the Honokaa-Paauilo Irrigation System through June 30, 2003

Action: Approved.

9. Request to Approve Appointments to the Honokaa-Paauilo Irrigation System Water User Advisory Board

Action: Approved.