Governor Visits HDOA for Pride in Public Service – Ha`aheo!

Posted on Jul 9, 2014 in Main


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Governor Abercrombie at a Pride and Public Service – Ha`aheo event on Wednesday, July 9.

Gov. Abercrombie addressed HDOA employees at a Pride in Public Service event on Wednesday, July 9 at the Plant Quarantine Branch conference room. In thanking the staff for their dedicated work to help agriculture in the state, Gov. Abercrombie also pledged his support of agriculture programs in the future.

The Governor mentioned the difficulties we are having with invasive species, including little fire ants, coconut rhinoceros beetle and coqui frogs and that he realizes that HDOA’s inspection forces are not back to pre-RIF numbers, but that it’s moving in a positive direction.  Programs like the Veterans to Farmer project have been received with much enthusiasm on Hawaii Island.  The agriculture program at the newly reopened Kulani Correctional Facility is also attracting much attention.

The Governor said he still believes that agriculture in Hawaii still has a great export potential.  He said he looks for local produce when he is food shopping – and yes, he said he does his own grocery shopping at Foodland.

The Governor fielded questions from the audience and stayed a while to chat with individual employees who preferred to speak with him personally.

The Pride in Public Service event was hosted by HDOA Chairperson Scott Enright and Deputy Ken Kakesako.  About 75 employees were able to attend. Ono food was also provided, including mochiko chicken, sushi, fruits, crackers, chips, taro donuts and cake.

Below are more photos from the event.

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