HDOA Halloween Scream!!!

Posted on Oct 31, 2014 in Main


See photos from Animal Industry’s Halloween Scream at the bottom of this post.

Late, but still spooky!


HDOA’s Main Office Complex held a Happy Halloween bash this morning on the lanai.  This year’s theme was “Invasive Species vs. Superheroes.” As always, there was an ono potluck including savory and sweet treats, a lantern contest between the offices and games!

Mahalo to the Halloween scream team that coordinated the coffee hour and decorated the courtyard with ghoulish skill.

Here are some of the scenes from this morning’s event:

IMG_2118 IMG_2149
Boo to you! Ghosts hang from the patio rafters
IMG_2156 Tom1
Deputy Marcus Mariota thanks the crowd for their hard work and Pesticide’s Tom Matsuda as MC
Tomcrb IMG_2163
Tom Matsuda as HDOA’s archvillain the coconut rhinoceros beetle Superhero Model A (aka Earl Yamamoto)
Linda1 Linda2
Crazy Catwoman aka ARM’s Linda Murai
tombstone IMG_2174
IMG_2171 IMG_2154
Food maidens Jello-skello
IMG_2166 IMG_2162
IMG_2159 IMG_2157
IMG_2172 IMG_2153


IMG_2122 IMG_2121
In the light In the semi-dark
IMG_2140 IMG_2139
Pesticide’s lantern PPC’s lantern
IMG_2131 IMG_2130
Fiscal’s lantern in the dark Fiscal’s lantern in the light
ADDlanterndark  ADD lantern
 ADD’s lantern  ADD’s lantern – opposite side
Ag Loan lantern Frankenlanternlite
Ag Loan’s lantern in the dark Personnel Office lantern
 ARM frontdark  ARM lantern lite
ARM lantern front in the dark  ARM lantern front
ARMlanternbacklite ARM lanternbackdark
ARM lantern back ARM lantern back in the dark
Chair'slanternlite Chair'sdark
Chair’s Office lantern in the light Chair’s Office lantern in the dark
And the winner was……Fiscal Office



Ron-Carlos AIpumpkin1
Ron Shimojo and Carlos Rodriguez standing next
to the pumpkin they carved.
There was a tie for first place: Left pumpkin made Dr. Lei Yamasaki, Kristy Alvarado, Laura Ayers and Dr. Vance Kawakami (their pumpkin had cut-outs of a chicken, horse, pig/cat and a fish) and the pumpkin on the right was made by Lori Hayashida, Judy Faustino and Joan Kawamoto (WWS).  The middle pumpkin was carved by Ron Shimojo and Carlos Rodriguez. (The little pumpkin is a fake)
Richard Chang provided the pumpkins and everyone enjoyed a Halloween pizza party!